F&I Department Performance Benchmarks

Steve Jones dives into the profitability of top performing and national average Finance and Insurance departments. How does your dealership stack up?

Increase Your F&I RBI — Keep Swinging For Success

When you ask a top-shelf F&I manager how many swings they take when trying to sell an extended service contract, they will usually respond, “As many as it takes.” Ask a mediocre player, and they’ll usually say two or three. How many swings do you take? This is not baseball. The only way to strike out is to stop trying! There are at least five basic swings available to an F&I Manager when selling an extended service contract to a customer. Let’s take a look at these five key plays.

Pilot Screw Adjustment

Pilot screws are preset from the factory and should only be adjusted under necessary circumstances. In this installment, we’ll cover pilot screw adjustment basics.

Powersports Values More Volatile Than Usual

Prices in the powersports market have taken a serious and substantial downward turn this month. Normally we see prices for most of the powersports segments hit their peak in late June and early July, followed by a gradual dec

Service Department Risk Management

America is becoming a more litigious society, and shops need to be aware of this all day, every day. Every employee needs to know that if their work isn’t conducted properly and thoroughly, your shop could find itself in hot water. Here are 11 ways to reduce your risk of litigation.

Step Up Your Social Media Marketing To Stay Relevant

Social media channels are solid, respected marketing and advertising machines. This is a proven fact, and all forms of digital media deliver reports to measure ROI. So it’s time to stop questioning whether or not social media is here to stay and time to start using these channels to your advantage.

Nine Skills Imperative for Your Sales Success

Mark Rodgers has worked with literally thousands of people over the last 25 years and have developed a solid model for sales development. If you want to be successful in this or any business, you need to have exceptional product knowledge, superior language skills and process proficiency. Here are some quick questions to ask yourself and your team.

Yamaha Reveals Familiar Line For 2012

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Yamaha’s personal watercraft sales figures certainly indicate it ain’t broke, so the fact that the brand returns almost its identical line to 2012 should come as little surprise.

DFW Honda

How has DFW become an L-5 Power House Honda dealer (one of 40 in the United States) while also earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau? The owners credit maintaining a good relationship with their customers while keeping a firm eye on the bottom line. In fact, one of the first things they did after they bought the business was to find an operational accountant (not a CPA) and put him on the management team.

Dealer Management System Shopping Guide

Selecting the right Dealer Management System can be a daunting task, especially if you’re more tuned into tuning forks than fine-tuning systems and software. With the help of top DMS providers, we’ve created this list of questions for you to ask yourself as you review your current DMS provider and compare it to other vendors in the marketplace.

Erik Buell Racing Expands

Erik Buell’s passion for two-wheeled perfection led him to take a new road after the unforeseen crash of the original Buell motorcycle brand. Erik is back with a new company and a new will to win free from corporate limitations.