MPN Book Review

With school back in session across the nation, it seems only fitting for MPN to roundup top titles that you and your customers should add to your reading lists. Not so much into reading? Don’t worry, we’ve got a picture book or two on the list, and we’ve already written the book report for you!

Open-Faced DOT Helmet Options

DOT is the standard for helmet sales, but swap meet booths and mail order outlets still litter the market with bargain-basement novelty lids designed for “fashion” worn by both uneducated, budget-conscious buyers as well as riders skirting their local helmet laws. Use this guide to stock up on appealing DOT-approved open-faced helmets.

The Right Man For The Job

The Art Of Placing Employees In The Right Position

MPN Launches New Website

Welcome to the new MotorcycleProductNews.com. With an updated look and more content than ever before, MPN delivers a daily dose of business intelligence for powersports dealers.

Potential to Essential, Part 2

Turning Common Leads into Uncommon Relationships

YTD June 2010/2009 Data Comparisons

Last month, we looked at May numbers. This month, we’ll see how June 2010 YTD stacks up compared with 2009. These charts represent data averages compiled from top-performing members in selected groups.      Chart 1: Total store gross profit is continuing to rise as is net operating. Business is still slow, but these dealers

List Sense

The Power of Clean Data

Managing Misconceptions

Analyze Beliefs to Change Your Expectations

Build A Better Email

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Century Harley-Davidson

If you ever should visit Century Harley-Davidson in Medina, Ohio, be sure to wear your shades. If the sun’s shining, you’re bound to be blinded by the gleaming chrome as you make your way uphill to the dealership, located just off Interstate 71 southeast of Cleveland.

Dealer Management Systems Help Your Business Grow

Your DMS not only enhances your ability to sell to your existing customers, it will also let you know if it is actually profitable for you as well.

Got Safety?

Attract New Riders With Education