2018 Yamaha Kodiak 450 Press Ride: Playing with a Bear in Washington’s Woods

A Grizzly Bear can be an aggressive, ferocious beast, but the new Yamaha ATV built for sportsmen and recreational trial riding and entry level riders is anything but wild. It’s quite tame, in fact; unless you aren’t careful. The new Kodiak 450 is powered by a 421cc fuel-injected engine, and its all-new chassis features a

Servicing Honda CRF250L Forks

The Honda CRF250L is a great bike to get into riding motorcycles. New owner’s and technicians will also find it a good bike to service and upgrade with fairly simple components and inexpensive OEM parts. A larger or more demanding rider very well may want to upgrade the budget stock suspension. An aftermarket replacement is

Selling To My Wife

Many of you have been involved in auto sales at one point in your career, and if you worked with good people, you probably learned a lot about selling. I know that I was employed at an import dealer with an amazing sales manager, and had my eyes opened many times. I was reminded of

Pajama Shoppers: Put Your Clothes On and Get Out of the House!

Dear Ma: I hope you’re doing well up there in Heaven, we are working hard and doing good down here in Dallas. I have been thinking a lot about how business has changed over my 22 years in the Motorcycle Industry. The BEST thing that has happened to our industry in the last 20 years,

Apparel Pro: Heated Apparel

Fifteen years ago I was touring with a group of riders hoping to stretch the season and we were looking for one last hurrah before putting our bikes away for winter. After a few days of riding in the Deal’s Gap area, we woke up at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort with a thick layer of frost on the bikes. My heart sank several inches knowing I would suffer for the first time while riding. I didn’t have a stitch of heated apparel. And at that time, I didn’t have a clue how valuable it could be.

Average Wholesale Pricing Relatively Stable

Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) in September stabilized from the lows seen in August. Compared to the last three month average, AWP for Metric Cruisers and ATVs were up 3-6%, while Domestic Cruisers, Sport bikes, MX and Side-by-Sides slid 5-8%. On a year over year basis, Domestic Cruiser AWP actually rose while other categories were down

Printing All The News That Fits (October)

Former KTM Hard Equipment stalwart Lowell Anderson is now the head wrangler for Tucker Rocky’s brands. “I’m very excited to be part of the Tucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice family,” says Anderson. “As director of brands, I am looking forward to working with our brand team members to create a compelling assortment of products that

The Three P’s Philosophy

In our Destination Dealer profile on FlatOut Motorsports this month, we talk to owner William Starkey about his “Three P’s” philosophy. Starkey says it’s based on an understanding of how retail and Internet sales combine for success.

OEM Update: 2018 Recreational-Utility Vehicles

The evolution of the Side-by-Side market continues in 2018 with more new models being introduced for the utility market and crossover recreation and trail markets.

FlatOut Motorsports

Conventional wisdom in retail today warns of difficult times and constant challenges. Experts predict even more dire consequences for product-specific brick and mortar outlets such as, say, motorcycle shops.

MPN 2017 International Issue

In our second year covering the global motorcycle industry, things are not quite as rosy as they were at the end of 2016. Last year, more than a million motorcycles and scooters above 50cc were registered in European countries – a healthy 13.3% jump over 2015, according to Industrie-Verband Motorrad Deutschland eV.

MARKET UPDATE: RUVs Rocking! ATVs Rolling!

The silver lining in the face of continuing soft motorcycle sales has been the hidden strength of the Side-by-Side (SxS) market and continued stability of the ATV sector. We say “hidden” because unlike motorcycles, scooters and ATVs, Recreational Utility Vehicles sales are not reported by the Motorcycle Industry Council. Overall ATV/UTV new unit sales fell