NPA Pre-Owned Monthly Recap – October In Review

Seasonal Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) stabilized further in October with signs of improvement in certain regions of the country. Metric Cruisers, Sport bikes and ATVs were up from the prior three-month average.

Simplicity Needs To Mask Complexity… Don’t You Be An Idiot!

The trick now is handling the complexities of life and business while making it look and feel simpler to our family, friends and customers.

Changing Of The Guard At Volusia Motorsports

Well known for his racing promotions, Eric Peronnard is not so well known for his role in starting three different dealerships — one in Grenoble, France, one in Las Vegas, and most recently, Volusia Motorsports.

Shifting Gears – November 2015

Michael Lock is the new CEO for AMA Pro Racing. After serving as a strategic business consultant during the 2015 flat track racing season, the board decided to bring him onboard full time.

Seeing Through Tradeshow Dust

The dust has barely settled on the third edition of AIMExpo, and as I write this we are in the midst of kicking up a different kind of dust at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The two shows couldn’t be more different; however, there are some common threads.


Interbike is the largest bicycle industry tradeshow in North America, hosting the two-wheeled world for five full days of product demonstrations, education and industry networking in mid-September. However if you didn’t notice the lycra instead of leather in the apparel booths, a dealer could be fooled into thinking this was a motorcycle trade event.

Could Cell Phones be the Root of all Evil?

I have often played with the idea of installing a cell phone jamming device in my store, but, of course, I find myself relying on it more and more for business purposes. Maybe I’m part of the problem. Cell phones are a useful tool, but I’m finding them more and more annoying as time goes on.

CVT Tuning: Part I

Many CVT systems can be tuned. The service manual will usually include information on CVT tuning based on altitude similar to carburetor jetting changes. At a minimum the service manual will include an altitude chart with spring and weight options to optimize performance at specific altitudes.

We Can’t Afford This Type of Trouble

Call it cyber attacks or data breaches or whatever you like, but this stuff is scary. One online report said the average cost per stolen record was $150-$200. That’s per record! Can you imagine if you had a couple hundred or couple thousand records stolen from your system? It could mean the end of a dealership.

World Debuts from Orlando

The 2015 American International Motorcycle Expo kicked off in Orlando with some significant global and North American debuts of new motorcycles from some the industry’s top manufacturers. We highlighted a few unveilings here.

Record Number of Exhibitors in Orlando

BUT STILL LOOKING FOR MORE DEALER TURNOUT [dropcap]B[/dropcap]y most accounts, the 2015 edition of the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) was a success for both the public, which joined in a round of applause to end the show at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) along with the 566 exhibitors that signed up for the

Don’t Get Trumped!

Before he was a presidential candidate, Donald Trump would routinely let people go on TV with his trademarked, “You’re Fired” send off. However, it is not quite as funny when it is a long-time employee in a dealership rather than some celebrity apprentice. The unpleasant reality of running a business is that sometimes people must be fired.