Turning Points

AIMExpo was a game-changing event for the powersports industry, and we’re already looking forward to next year!

PG&A Stats Indicate Stability Returning To Industry

This month, we’ll be comparing September data from a good-performing metric 20-group with the National Norm (NN) numbers and the averages for the Top 5 dealers for this group in each category. These stats changed relatively little for most categories compared to the numbers I reported back in May 2013. That is a welcome indicator

Drops In Powersports Market In Line With Seasonal Trends

The only segment up this month is snowmobile, which is only increasing by an average of $11.46 per unit.

Coolant Replacement And Bleeding for Powersports Engines

The following tips will help you change coolant in powersports engines.

Body Language Spoken Here

Nonverbal communication tells you what your customers won’t. Learn the 15 common nonverbal tells that you might observe during a typical day.

Digital Marketing In Our Four-Screen World

A large portion of today’s media consumption is done via “companion viewing,” in which the television is the primary screen, and the tablet or smartphone is secondary. Find out how to capitalize on this trend.

Three Keys To Persuasion

Knowing and understanding how you can use three different communication styles during your sales presentation will make you even more successful.

Work Hard And Win

C.R. Gittere and the Service Manager Pro team teach dealers how to increase your repair orders and watch profits soar.

Sea-Doo Introduces Budget-Priced Spark

The Spark from Sea-Doo features an entirely new design built from a unique materia. Brand hopes to “reignite” industry sales with $4,999 starting price.

Expanding The Sales Envelope

Have you earned the right to drive new business to your shop? Most owners and managers need to walk themselves through a cleansing exercise that will identify which departments/employees are selling, and which ones are simply clerking.

Des Plaines Honda

This Chicago-based dealership ranks customer satisfaction as priority No. 1 and makes a concerted effort to give everyone who walks through the dealership an experience.

Stride On!

Shaping future motorcyclists … one baby step at a time.