EICMA Slideshow

Editor Colleen Brousil recaps this week’s events in Milan, Italy, through photographs.

Kawasaki Unveils 2013 Jet Ski Models

The company has chosen to stick to its tried and true models for the upcoming year.

BMW Motorcycles San Francisco

Named a BMW Dealer of Excellence for 2011, Steve and Eric Wight’s dealership caters to the bay area and beyond.

Schuberth, Superior By Design

The German head protection technology company has been making helmets for more than 70 years, and Americans can expect to see more of its products in the near future. The brand is the choice of leading law enforcement agencies around the world.

Dealership Superstars Revealed: Team Winnebagoland’s Erin Eake & Karra Marg

This year offers a bit of a twist as two employees take the prize. The ladies of the Oskosh, Wis.-based store won by a landslide, receiving 1,412 of the total 2,099 votes cast. The pair was nominated for their exemplary customer service and commitment to the industry.

August 2012 P&A Department Performance

Steve Jones reviews this year’s service department performance data.

Unexpected Powersports Market Shifts

Ricky Beggs notes that prices have decreased again, but to a lesser degree than they did last month.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Finance & Insurance

You may not be doomed eternally, but your paycheck might be if you commit these errors.

Winter Motorcycle Storage Guide

Cyclepedia explains how to keep your ride safe from cold weather and ready to go once the snow melts. The two most important items to pay attention to are the fuel system and the battery. A battery left out in the cold can easily freeze, and a mistreated fuel system can gum up.

Is The Customer Always Right? Service Department Reputation Management

Sometimes, customers become upset due to simple miscommunication with dealership employees. Other times, customers are just downright difficult to appease. C.R. Gittere explains how to deal with and overcome these situations as they arise.

Social Media and ROI

Making a solid effort to boost your social media presence will yield great results.

Mark’s 37 High Voltage Showroom Floor Best Practices

Incorporate these steps into your business model and watch your sales efforts soar.