Adventure Bike Shock Service

Adventure bikes rack up hard miles. The shocks on these bikes are especially prone to wear and deterioration by how they are used and their construction. We stopped in at Cogent Dynamics and learned about shock service and improvement from owner and suspension specialist Rick Tannenbaum. Our guinea pig is the KYB shock on the

Q&A with Tucker Rocky President Eric Cagle

In less than a year since being hired to guide Tucker Rocky into its next 50 years, company president Eric Cagle is doing just that. Having spent 25 years at Caterpillar Logistics managing OEM and aftermarket parts businesses, Cagle brings a wealth of understanding on how to make course corrections for the corporate ship. We

Lower Priced Units Remain In Demand

Our latest survey of powersports dealers indicates that the retail sales environment remained weak in March. The general theme in the marketplace is that consumer interest was focused on lower-priced ATV units and utility products from Can-Am, Polaris and Honda. In the recreational market, Can-Am’s Maverick X3 Max was a major topic of discussion as

Test Rides: Are They Worth It?

I recently had an exchange with a friend of mine where we discussed the experience of buying a motorcycle, something we both believe should be special and unique. We are not the auto industry, where someone usually purchases a car because he has a specific need for one as transport, or perhaps a work vehicle.

‘What If’ Scenarios Playing Out In My Head

Dear Ma, I hope you’re well up there in Heaven. We are doing fine in Big D. Ya know, life is a struggle, it really is. I absolutely LOVE the motorcycle industry and I guess that makes the struggle bearable for me. Sometimes I think about some of the decisions I’ve made over the years

Pavement, Powder and Everything in Between

Textron Specialized Vehicles Welcomes Arctic Cat and Outlines the Future Just one day prior to Arctic Cat being bought by Textron Specialized Vehicles, Eric Mercer, the owner of Velocity Powersports in Victoria, Texas, made the tough decision to terminate the Arctic Cat line from his dealership. “If I knew that was going to happen I

Passion Makes Perfect at Indian Motorcycle Charlotte

Mark Moses is a man who stands out in a crowd. Clearly marching to the beat of his own drum, the owner and general manager of Indian Motorcycle Charlotte is not only committed to outrageously high standards of customer service, but also crafting his customers’ experience in his own image.

Apparel Pro: Dual Sport / Modular Lids

Like a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts, I am one of those riders who is forever on the lookout for that new moto item that will revolutionize my riding. It’s a never-ending search for that one product, which has multiple uses and will therefore cut down on the weight of my luggage, solve multiple problems and/or

Taking A Look Inside Oakley

If you have been setting the DVR for Supercross this season, you have probably seen the Oakley spots featuring Ryan Dungey rocking the Prizm lenses in his goggles. On the eve of revolutionizing its retail experience, we managed to sneak a behind-the-scenes look at Oakley.

Shifting Gears (May): Printing All The News That Fits

Building a better mousetrap? Tucker Rocky has brought supply chain management specialist Dan Bradley onboard as VP of operations. In his new role, Bradley will apply his 25 years of experience with parts distribution facilities and logistics networks to stabilize and refine the company’s distribution operations, ensuring that dealers get the right part, at the

Exploring The Adv/Touring Sector

Seems like once every decade, Americans get the bug for big adventure bikes. But with the seeming exception of clannish KLR650 riders and BMW GS Gelände/Straße (German for off-road/road) riders, the dual-sport sector remained a slight blip on the MIC Retail Sales Report radar… Until now!

The Adventure of Touring

I think the Adventure Touring nomenclature is very interesting. I personally have never gone touring on my motorcycle where it has not been an adventure. For sake of this conversation let’s define motorcycle touring as a 1,000-mile plus trip.