Some Non-Traditional Seasonal Movements

Some of the movements within the motorcycle and powersports market during May have varied from the more traditional seasonal changes. The powersports market heading into June is showing mixed levels of change. Six of the 10 segment categories we break the market into showed increases during the month of May.

Two Things: Taiwan and PSI

The first thing, which was worth spending 18 hours in a flying tube for, was getting to attend the Taiwan International Motorcycle Show held in Taipei early last month. The motorcycle show was one of four separate shows held simultaneously at the Taipei World Trade Center which included Automotive Parts, Electric Vehicles and Autotronics.   

Shifting Gears

Printing All The News That Fits

NPA Pre-Owned Monthly Recap: Spring In Full Swing

With all but one powersports vehicle category on the rise in March it’s clear that spring is here, buyer confidence is up and retail customers are gearing up for the riding season. On-highway categories saw a small but noticeable increase in Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) in March as compared to the prior three months –

UTV and ATV Brands By The Numbers

Face it, given the economic downturn of recent years, selling ATVs and UTVs has been a hard way to make an easy living. However, being objective and rational, it looks like the market is making a comeback.

Mojotown Motorcycle Gear

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Impossible to Ignore: Dealer Management Systems

Picture yourself in this scenario: You’re working behind the counter of a fast food restaurant, but you don’t have a register or system in place to take orders. Menu items, price, stock quantity, communication tools and accounting are no longer at the push of a button. Your only option is to take out a piece

How Much Does Price Really Matter?

Creating Customer Experience in the Service Department

The Importance of Pennies and Nickels

It Pays to Examine Two Key Components of Your Operations

March PG&A Department Performance

In the first chart (Chart 1) we see some promising numbers. Total store sales are up over last year as are gross profit margins. We also see that the parts, garments and accessories (PG&A) department represents a very significant portion of the total store gross profit. In the case of the Top 5 dealers, it

Managing ‘Right-Brained’ People with ‘Left-Brained’ Tasks

Why is it that at every dealership I visit and every workshop I host I hear the same types of complaints: “My salespeople won’t …” Or, “I have to check behind my salespeople because they can’t …” Or, “My salespeople forget to …” Or some other variation along this line?   Yet, when you fly,

Diagnosing Yamaha’s EFI Self-Diagnostic Systems

For years now technicians and educated vehicle owners have enjoyed the benefits of the self-diagnostic functions of fuel injection systems. Evaluating fault codes is now a standard task in powersport vehicle service. Some fuel injection systems have expanded onboard diagnostic abilities that can be used to troubleshoot issues in addition to the simple fault codes.