How To Give Trade Values Without Getting Punched In The Face: Part Two

In last month’s issue of MPN, we discussed some ways to negotiate trade-in values of bikes with customers. For the most part, if you stick to your sales experience, knowledge of your store and knowledge about the vehicle, you should be in good shape to offer the customer the best deal without losing money. In

Industry Marketing Profile: How Does Your Dealership’s Digital Marketing Stack Up?

The March issue of MPN featured an overall industry profile that provided the results of the annual readership survey, designed to gauge the performance of today’s brick and mortar powersports dealer. Today, we are going to dig deeper into the results, specifically as they relate to marketing strategies. Does your business have a website? How

The Credit Union Conversion

Swing at the Conversion Every Time, Part 2

The Strongest Pillar in Your Dealership: Service and Repair

Last week, I was working on a project for Experian Automotive. They provided me with a list of vehicles in operation based on registration data from the states. This file allowed me to look at all the individual, state-registered powersports vehicles in the U.S. and what counties they are registered in. Most of the vehicles

Yamaha Announces Certified Pre-Owned Program

A combination of warranty and financing promises to entice used PWC buyers into dealerships. The program promises that buyers will be able to “purchase used units with 100 percent confidence,” instead of purchasing from third-party sellers.

Keep Your Dealership’s Priorities Straight

Get Your Dealership’s Priorities In Line or You’ll Quickly Be Out of Business

Motorcycle Mall

This Newark, N.J.-based dealership is a family business with a family atmosphere.

Exploring The Bicycle Cross-Over Market

Biking aficionados have more in common with your regular customers than you might think. After all, the invention of the bicycle served as the foundation for the modern day motorcycle. You might be surprised at the overlap between both markets.

The Search for the Next Dealership Superstar

Glitzy showrooms and rows of new bikes don’t make great dealerships — they sure can help, but a dealership is only as good as the team that drives it. That’s why MPN teamed up with Mark Rodgers and the Peak Dealership Performance team to create the Dealership Superstar program years ago. It has been a

You Can’t Manage It If You Can’t Measure It

We’ll be comparing March data from a good-performing metric 20-group with the national norm numbers and the averages for the Top 5 dealers for this group in each category. Hmm … total store sales are down from last year through March. As you will see below, this is not attributed to unit sales. The overall

Surprising Downward Trend in ATV Market

The powersports market is slowly but steadily inching its way upwards as spring finally arrives. The rate of increase is a little slower than normal, probably due to a still hesitant economy, but the overall seasonal trend is still upwards with one surprising exception. First for the bad news: snowmobile prices have dropped substantially, as

Check All the Nuts and Bolts

Everyone knows how important oil and air filter changes are to the health of a bike. Checking the condition of brakes, greasing the pivot points in the frame and keeping clean fuel in the intake system all top the list of tasks that must be done to make sure customers’ rides are ready to go