Essentials Textile Gear

Amarillo Gore-Tex Summer Jacket Held USA • Perforated Cordura outer shell allows air flow on warm days • CE SAS-TEC armor in shoulders and elbows • Optional CE-2 back protector available • Jacket includes a Gore-Tex PACLITE jacket liner • PACLITE may be installed inside the jacket, worn as a separate layer inside the jacket,

Helping the Industry One Ride at a Time

A couple of years ago I took a long motorcycle ride. My helmet time became the incubator for my dreams, goals and desires. I was on the road alone for seven months, and the ever-changing landscape provided extremely fertile ground for formulating my current career path — empowering other women riders to hit the open

‘Accsellerating’ Through the Curves – Rebutting the Toughest Objections

Early one August morning, I boarded a bus with a sleepy-eyed group of Canadian Harley-Davidson dealers. We were headed to a road-racing track in what, to me at least, appeared to be a remote region of the country. This was all part of the annual Canadian Harley-Davidson new model announcement dealer meeting. We were preparing

Sci-F&I Part 3: Practical Applications

In last month’s article, we discussed some of the facts regarding the S-style (steady) personality, which represents 69 percent of the population. Consider that number for a minute. That’s more than two out of every three of your customers who sits down at your desk to buy a vehicle! Let’s spend some more time discussing

Social Media Newcomers: Instagram and Pinterest

In March 2012, the infamous Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, purchased an application called Instagram. Before this deal hit the press, I am going to guess that about 10 percent of the U.S. population had any clue of its existence. This is because Instagram literally took the social media world by storm, launching in November

Yamaha Unveils Nationwide Dealer-Based Demo Program

Like Sea-Doo, this summer Yamaha will be offering consumers nationwide the opportunity to demo the brand’s products. But unlike Sea-Doo’s manufacturer-funded, traveling road-show approach, Yamaha has turned directly to their dealers to facilitate the brand’s upcoming “Yamaha On The Water Demo Days.” Yamaha will provide the national marketing muscle to attract consumers, who will then be

An Eclectic Multiline in Kansas City

Although he has been a rider and motorcycle enthusiast his entire life, Steve Okenfuss didn’t start out intending to sell motorcycles. For 21 years, Steve worked as a banker.  After that, he decided to get into the auto industry, but was not entirely happy selling cars. Steve wanted to try something more fun, and he

Electric Boogaloo

Does the Electric Motorcycle Market Have Enough Moves for 2012?

Motorcycle Oil: What Difference Does it Make?

Few debates among bikers can match the intensity of the one over motor oil selection. Online forums are filled with spirited defenses of particular brands and types of oil, specifically conventional versus synthetic. Criticize someone’s choice of oil and watch the firestorm ensue.

Tap Into Consumables: Oils & Lubes

on.  ———— For More Info: www.dragspecialties.com   Draggons Scooter Oil Scooterworks Draggons is a new, high-quality brand of oil engineered specifically for scooter engines from 50-300 cc. Sourced exclusively from North American oil wells, Draggons oils offer superior performance and are rated to meet all OEM warranty requirements at an incredible price point.  Available in quarts,

Essentials Batteries

EVO2 LiFePO4 Batteries Ballistic Performance Components Ballistic Performance Component Batteries use the latest, state-of-the-art lithium ferrous energy storage technology available to provide riders with a smaller, lighter, higher energy battery. Each Ballistic Performance Component Battery is assembled by hand in the USA using computer-designed custom cells, cases and hardware. As a result, Ballistic Performance Component

Parts, Garments and Accessories Department Benchmarks

In this column, we’ll compare March PG&A department data from one of our metric dealer 20-groups against the national norm numbers (overall averages for all our metric 20-groups) and the average of the top 5 performing dealers in each category.I prefer to start out with some of the total store data, so you can get