Average Wholesale Prices Pick Up Steam in Feb.

It seems 2017 is off to a good start. The wholesale powersports market picked up steam in February with Average Wholesale Prices (AWP) trending further up from the prior three month average. The western U.S. markets caught up with the eastern U.S. markets, and dealer participation grew as everyone prepares for spring. Although prices were

Shifting Gears (Mar.): Printing All The News That Fits

Gimme a brake… Beringer Brakes’ U.S, agent Frog Specialties LLC has new digs. Consolidating all operations in Gardena, California, in the former Agajanian Enterprises building that once housed ASCOT raceway’s offices, Beringer Brakes U.S. facility boasts 3,700 sq./ft. of office, warehousing, R&D and warranty work space. Beringer Brakes are distributed through dealers, race teams and

Industry Not Used to Optimisim

According to one of those social media quizzes that gets passed along from your high school buddy who you haven’t talked to since graduation but who invites you to play every game and test online, I’m an optimist. I was surprised because I’m not used to thinking that I’m one of those people. And I

Right On Target: Club BRP Ski-Doo & Can-Am Edition

The #1 snowmobile manufacturer in the world introduced the 2018 Ski-Doo sleds and a major update to the Can-Am Maverick UTV line-up to more than 1,200 dealers, enthusiasts and media types at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino.

Technical Training Opportunities

The end of winter is in sight. To be clear, I’m talking about spring coming not the international scientific consensus on human influenced climate change and record high temperatures this past season. Anyway, service business is going to be booming with the warmer weather. This is a great time for technicians to catch up on

Garage Composites Update 2017

Lemco Legacy Lives On Have you heard of Garage Composites? You should if you plan to successfully operate a dealership! How about the name Lemco? Ring any bells? Back in the day, Lemco was the foremost dealer training organization in the nation – and founder Ed Lemco was the dealers’ leading champion. Garage Composites co-founders

2017 AIMExpo: Why Columbus? Why NOT Columbus?

Since announcing AIMExpo’s move to Columbus, Ohio for the 2017 show, we’ve been fortunate to have received a LOT of feedback about it. To no one’s surprise, powersports as an industry is not afraid to share what it’s thinking, and we appreciate your input!

OEM Update: 2017 Snapshot

A Glimpse at What Has Been Released in the Market Thus Far Still just a few months into 2017, numerous OEMs have been announcing new models to the market, and some have even hinted at what’s in store for 2018 models. Excelsior-Henderson Some OEMs such as Excelsior-Henderson are using 2017 to try and make a

Apparel Pro: Rainsuits

There are a lot of good reasons to ride a motorcycle to the airport here in Southern California. If not to beat the hellish LA traffic, there’s always the free parking perk to consider. These two pluses definitely cancel out the awkwardness of balancing a piece of roller luggage on the pillion pad of my

Babbitt’s Online

For some time, Babbitt’s has been a major player on the Arenacross circuit, with Team Babbitt’s Gavin Faith earning the No. 1 plate in 2016. His teammates, Travis Sewell and Jacob Hayes, are cleaning up at stadiums nationwide. When not at the track, the online arm of Babbitt’s sells OEM parts and accessories, as well

Dealers Upbeat Early in 2017

Our latest survey of powersports dealers indicates that the retail sales environment remained weak in January but improved sequentially. The general theme in the marketplace is that consumer interest was focused on utility products and Maverick X3 models depending on the region. On the utility side of things, we believe there was some incremental sell