The BIG 4: What’s The Difference?

Seems like the powersports industry has been dominated by “The Big 4” for decades!

February in Review

Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) in February showed signs of strength with all major categories rising over the prior three month average.

Broken Business Practices

Unlike the fuel tank gauge that we chose not to fix, the lack of closing ratios isn’t anything we could’ve repaired. It was – because of a lack of efficiency in our business systems – like a part that we ordered ages ago and never received.

BMW Motorrad’s Strong Start

Up, up, up has been the trend at BMW Motorrad as the German motorcycle manufacturer continues to post record-breaking worldwide sales.

Polaris Front Hub Fluid Service

Polaris 4×4 models use a Hilliard clutch to engage power to the front wheels.

Method To Our Madness: Powersports Industry Profile

How do you measure an industry’s performance from a relatively small sample? There is a method to our madness, and as our new Babcox Research Manager Kent Camino explains, it all comes down to confidence.

Shifting Gears: March 2015

Editor-at-Large Robin Hartfiel is our tabloid reporter when it comes to finding out who is on the move in the powersports industry. Robin’s many years of experience in the market and hundreds of industry contacts means he usually knows what is happening before anyone else.

Profile: MTA Distributing

If you took a look at MTA Distributing today, you’d probably never guess the company started out as a Goodyear motorcycle tire distributor and is one of the oldest Bridgestone powersports distributors in America, but that’s where it all began.

Does it Say ‘Sucker’ on my Forehead Somewhere?

So why is it that many of these same aftermarket distributors, which we’ve been supporting for a long time (some well before LBJ) are now selling direct to the very same consumer that we’ve been trying to get into our store.

Profile: San Jose Harley-Davidson

San Jose Harley-Davidson has unique opportunities and challenges. The dealership is located just south of Silicon Valley in Central California, and a large percentage of the customer base either works in the tech industry or is tech-savvy.

Auctioning Up Opportunity

There are few things more exciting than attending a live auction, especially when you are interested in the item up for bid. The atmosphere can be contagious – one of high energy and competition.

Car or Motorcycle? Either Way the Polaris Slingshot is on Target

Is it a motorcycle with an extra wheel? Maybe it is a reverse trike? Is it a car missing a wheel or is it the creation of an entirely new category?