Montgomery Motorcycle Company

outing a particular expertise at your shop isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can lead to becoming known as the go-to place for a certain service or specialty. On the other hand, you don’t want to be pigeon-holed so narrowly that you’re overlooked for bread-and-butter maintenance work and ready consumables like tires and oil – that would be a bad thing.

Always Be Looking!

With apologies to Alec Baldwin’s definitive sales strategy in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, people in the powersports industry should “Always Be Looking” rather than closing.

Just in Time for the Vintage Issue…

Just in time for MPN’s vintage issue comes word that the newest member of the AIMExpo team is an old bike nut.

Motorcycles at Winchester Speedway

It all started for Winchester Speedway a century ago with the activities of a western Indiana farmer by the name of Frank Funk.

May Wholesale Pricing In Review

Average Wholesale Pricing in May began to slide from the prior spring months, with all major categories declining three percentage points from the prior three-month average.

Scottoiler Celebrates 30th Anniversary

We’ve all seen the movie and likely read the story.

From Pit Bikes To Sportbikes

If you were a dealer during the past decade, it would have been pretty hard to miss SSR Motorsports – at least if you had any involvement with the pit bike sector of the market.

From Frog Legs to Lithium

It was a feud over frog legs that led to the invention of the battery more than 200 years ago. Alessandro Volta is credited with inventing the battery in 1800, but he only stumbled onto it as he was trying to disprove a theory of another scientist who found touching frog leg nerves to metal made them move, thus proving “animal electricity.”

Old Bikes Highlight New Show

They say everything that is old is new again.

The Race Is On

You may have read in our news that J&P Cycles is relocating to a more centrally located warehouse so it can get parts out to customers sooner.

Nostalgia Requires Work

Vintage bikes are a disease. Long time motorcycle riders regularly become infected with a desire for a vintage machine.

Your Dealership can be a Resource for Classic Bike Owners

Like many dealers, you have watched the growth of the vintage movement over the last 20 years with interest and possibly some alarm.