It’s Electrifying!

There’s a lot to be “amped” about in this issue if you ask me. First, Contributor Eric Anderson talks about DBS, which isn’t a new television station, but rather it stands for Dead Battery Syndrome. It’s real, and chances are your customers have been short-circuited by it more than once.    Then we get into

Shifting Gears

Printing All The News That Fits

NPA Pre-Owned Monthly Recap: Spring In Full Swing

With all but one powersports vehicle category on the rise in March it’s clear that spring is here, buyer confidence is up and retail customers are gearing up for the riding season. On-highway categories saw a small but noticeable increase in Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) in March as compared to the prior three months –

Just Say No to DBS – Dead Battery Syndrome

How the Powersports Market Should Approach Batteries

Debunking the Myth of Urban Mobility

Will Electric Bikes and Scooters Ever Sell In the U.S. Market?

Can-Am Comes Out With a Bumper Crop For 2015

Two New Outlanders & Updates To UTVs Put BRP in the Driver’s Seat

April Service Department Performance

"/wp-content/uploads/Articles/06_01_2014/128171BOCjpg_00000076973.jpg"> In this month’s Best Operators Club, the article contains actual numbers obtained from our 20-group data reporting and analysis system. 20-groups consist of dealers from non-competing markets who meet three times a year to share financial and best practice information. The goal is to grow and improve their businesses profitably. GSA provides support, data

How To Cure Empty Online Cart Syndrome

The tips to make sure you’re welcoming online buyers

Selling Between the Lines

Before reading on, stop and ask yourself, “What do I sell?” When I ask this question to a group of finance managers or other dealership staff members, I get a variety of answers.    “We sell motorcycles,” I hear. Or, “I sell financing,” or, “I sell warranties and insurance.” These are all correct on the surface

The ‘Mysterious’ Little Black Box

Computer, Igniter, CDI, ICM, ECU, and ECM are all names for the black boxes that are the brains behind modern engines. Depending on the type, they control ignition, fuel injection, ABS, display meter or a combination of all. They are very important and often very expensive. Unfortunately, they often unnecessarily take the blame for mysterious

32nd Laughlin River Run

What Bike Week in Daytona is for many East Coast bikers, the Laughlin River Run has become for riders in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. From April 23-27 arguably the largest motorcycle event on the West Coast kicked off the riding season for 2014. Since it had been a few years since the last time