April 2012 Service Department Performance

This month, we’ll compare April 2012 service department data from one of our metric dealer 20-groups against the National Norm numbers (overall averages for all our metric 20-groups) and the average of the Top 5 performing dealers in each category.

Out of This World Service

Champion Motorsports of Roswell

Strong Economy Results in Strong Auction Values

Positive news on the economy, coupled with the annual spring selling season is currently driving auction prices higher. This month, nearly all segments in the motorcycle and powersports market are trending upward, but at a slightly slower rate than April. This is especially true for the ATV segment, which is only up by an average

Shock Absorber Service

Most motorcycle technicians are far more familiar with servicing forks than shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are a bit mysterious with their pressurized nitrogen gas and minimum maintenance requirements.    Before the shock absorber is removed from the vehicle, check the movement of the suspension. The shock absorber should move smoothly through its stroke. When released,

Seven Great Ways to Improve Your Objection Responses

The basic communication model includes a sender, a receiver, a message and a situation. But things are really much more complicated than that. Every sender has a particular background, specific values, abilities and all sorts of other influencers on the message they send.

Mastering the Science of the F&I Sale

In the last couple of articles, we discussed some traits of the S-style (steady) personality, which represents 69 percent of the population — the vast majority of your customers — and how the structure in the F&I process can maximize profitability with the S-style. In this article, we’ll spend some time discussing how to effectively

A Conversation With Wayne Allard, AMA’s Vice President For Government Relations

Last October, former U.S. Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado joined the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) as vice president for government relations. Allard served two terms as a Senator for his home state, but he’d promised his constituents to put a term limit on his service. We recently chatted with Allard and AMA spokesman Pete TerHorst

2012’s Newest Off-Road Tires — 10 Tread Trends

524 and 525 Series Shinko Shinko Tire’s 524 Series front and 525 Series rear off-road tires feature a wide self-cleaning tread pattern that is ideal for soft to intermediate terrain off-road and MX riding. Reinforced knobs resist tearing and chunking in extreme riding conditions. The 524 front and 525 rear are available in a variety

HOT SHOCKS — Suspension Product Focus

Burly Slammer Shocks Burly Brand  Made famous by the Burly Slammer Kits, the stubby Burly shocks are now being sold separately. Slammer Shocks may be short, measuring in at only 10.5 inches eye to eye, but they are well thought out and are travel limited to prevent tire/fender contact. Five position preload adjusters allow for

Hitchin’ A Ride

Top Trailering Accessories
Whether your customer’s heading to Baja with his KTM or Sturgis with his Harley, stock up on a full line of trailering accessories to help your customer hit the road this summer.

Powersports Dealer Website Self-Review

How to review your current website vendor and compare its offerings to the other top vendors in the powersports marketplace.

Motor Mentors: BUILD Program Brings Motorcycle Restoration Into Milwaukee High Schools

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Iron Horse Hotel, in cooperation with a team of dedicated volunteers and motorcycle enthusiasts, kicked off the second season of the BUILD Motor Mentor Program this spring.    Six teams comprised of five students each from area high schools and youth organizations were chosen to fully restore a “barn-find condition” vintage motorcycle to