Measure Your Service Department’s Profitability

We have decided to head in a slightly different direction with this column. For some time, these columns have contained a short analysis of selected data from the entire dealership operation. The next few articles will highlight a particular department. While these will still feature actual dealer numbers, the column will focus more on best

Should Your Powersports Dealership Offer Priority Maintenance Agreements?

Is in-house priority maintenance profitability worth it, or should it be taken to the outhouse? Yes, the pun is intended. Many dealership owners have taken interest in priority maintenance agreements (PMA) over the past few years. From the retail side, I jumped on the PMA train about six years ago. I was attracted to three

How and Why to Use Text Marketing

My 70-year-old mother started texting before I did. This probably sounds strange given that I am the tech geek in the family and “Web” is my middle name, but I just really was not all that hyped about the trend. I think it was because I am always being pinged by someone or something (email,

For the Powersports Industry, Made in America Still Matters

Global partnerships reap rewards for jobs in the powersports industry.

Powering Your Motorcycle Dealership Sales Team through the Summer Season

At this point in the motorcycle season, few professions (commercial crab fishing, I suppose) require the kind of mental, physical and emotional stamina that selling does. Long hours at the store, being enthusiastic all the time and possessing the fortitude to survive inevitable ego shots require energy like nothing else. So you must be on

Motorcycle Dealership Floor Storage Tips

Floor storage tech tips to save time, trouble and money.

One on One with Vega’s Jeanne DeMund

At this year’s V-Twin Expo, Brian Klock of Klockwerks fame took me aside and told me, “You’ve got to talk to Jeanne at Vega’s — she’s got one heck of a story for you.” Brian wasn’t the only one talking about Vega’s success, so this spring I got Jeanne on the line to talk about

Why They Buy: 2010 Harley Davidson Softail Fatboy Lo

Each month MPN profiles a customer who
recently bought a new powersports unit. We explore what motivates riders to select specific units, P&A and most importantly their dealership of choice.

Stayin’ Safe Tours’ Rider Education

Stayin’ Safe Tours Meld Safety Training with Sensational Touring

Jerry Wohlrabe & Co. Power Prescott Valley Motorcycles

Arizona Victory Dealer Discusses His Years in the Industry

High-Tech Motorcycle Accessories

Juice up your P&A sales with these high-tech accessories and gadgets.

Track Day Gear Guide: One-Piece Racing Leathers

Get your top customers ready for a track day with this selection of innovative protective gear. We’ve covered a full range of gear from budget to blow out to fit your customer’s specific riding needs and his wallet.