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Vespa Soho cashes in on the two-wheel trend in NYC

2010 Dealership Superstars

Motorcycle Product News and Mark Rodgers from Peak Dealership Performance present the third annual Dealership Superstar competition. Due to the overwhelming number of entries we received in 2009, we’re no longer awarding one Superstar award; rather, for this year’s contest, we’re handing out five Superstar prizes to honor excellence and innovation in sales and service across all departments of the dealership.
Innovation is a common theme this year. Whether the Superstars utilized the latest technology to increase door swings and bolster sales or, as is the case in Dave Head’s story, showed great compassion and remarkable salesmanship, all of our 2010 honorees are true Dealership Superstars.

2010 Dealer Trends Through March

2010 Dealer Trends Through March

The Two Sides of Joe Jones

Selling Wants Versus Needs

My Great Big Warranty Fiasco

My Big Fat Warranty Fiasco

You Sell Like a Girl

Collecting data before implementing change is crucial