Casual Gear Guide

The draw to an alluringly edgy lifestyle brings many riders (and wannabes) into your store. Motorcycle culture is about more than the wind-in-your hair freedom — it’s a culture (or perhaps counter-culture) that provides a sense of identity. And even though you can take the man off of his bike, you can’t take the biker

More Than A Free Lunch

In this installment, the guys agree that year-round event marketing is key to gaining new customers and building lasting relationships with your loyal followers.

The Magic Number

One of the hardest battles for a sales manager to wage is to achieve that crucial balance — the fight between getting all the money and giving the bike away.

P&A Numbers

This column explores the parts and accessories department dealer data and benchmarks.

How to Do Test Rides … Right!

Getting a prospect on a bike and in the wind can be the best tool to help a customer make the right purchase decision.

The Success Triangle

Knowledge, action and systems can be the difference in enjoying a successful profitable business in a really fun industry.


Bill sees past a customer’s sorry attempt to bully his way to a great deal.