He Wants One . . .

Help your customers pick out what they want and show them how to take it home.

Yeah, And You Owe Me One!

Five ways to effectively leverage the law of reciprocity and improve just about every dimension of dealership life.

Damn The Critics, Go Sell Something!

Robin predicts rising gas prices will boost the commuter-based scooter market.


Is Harley-Davidson’s bloom fading? Are consumers deciding to wait? Are there simply too many choices?

Insurance Issues

Establishing your dealership as an insurance collision repair business could be profitable for your service department.

Telephone Skills For The Sales Department

Want to see your closing ratios jump from 20% to 50% to 70%? Learn how to effectively set appointments with your telephone shoppers.

The Road Less Traveled

Offer customers information and ideas to maximize their riding fun while minimizing wasted miles.