The Brotherhood of Bikers

One of the things that makes this industry so special is the brotherhood that is prevalent among fellow bikers – whether you are a moto dude, cruiser guy or scooter girl – we all stick together and help each other out when the chips are down. Can you imagine if corporate America acted with these

Shifting Gears

Printing All The News That Fits

Holding the Line: The Month of May Showed Strong Demand

The powersports market has held strong this year as spring comes to a close. This time last year we saw the seasonal decline in Average Wholesale Price (AWP) begin in May across the majority of product categories, with an abrupt drop in all categories last June.

Accessorizing the Adventure Rider

Adventure motorcycling is bigger than ever. Whether it’s local trail riders or those riders wanting to escape the shackles of civilization for a weekend or longer, getting off the beaten path on a motorcycle just keeps getting more and more popular. Because of the extreme variety of places one can ride a dual sport motorcycle,

Gibbs Adds New Model and Appearance To Its 2014 Quadski Lineup

The Gibbs Quadski, billed as the world’s first high-speed sports amphibian, gets a new front-end appearance and a Quadski XL model added to its lineup for 2014. Compared to the standard Quadski, the new Quadski XL offers seating for two, has 11.8 inches of additional wheelbase, is nearly a foot longer and offers increased storage

Community as a Way of Creating Sales

BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County

Everything is Bigger in Texas!

Yamaha Goes Big With Viking VI

The Absolutes of Parts Department Discounting

Make It Easy For The Customer and Your Staff

Mid-Summer Sizzle

How is your dealership cooking up more business?

May Sales Department Performance

 This article contains actual dealer data obtained from GSA’s 20-group reporting system. 20-groups consist of dealers from non-competing markets who meet 3 times a year to share financial and best practice information. Their goal is to grow and improve their businesses profitably. In Chart 1, total store gross margins are still light for this group

Five Keys to Finding Your Next Big Lender

Since the 2008 banking crisis, national lenders have changed and tightened their criteria for lending, which has left many dealers and customers in the lurch. One solution for dealing with this is to circumvent the big banks and establish relationships with local lenders. Community banks have a different business model than national banks, which engaged

40th Anniversary Rewind: Yamaha Then and Now

Yamaha’s Industry Outlook in 1982