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The motorcycle and powersports industry has kicked off 2016, and the movers and shakers haven’t slowed down. See the latest here.

December Wholesale Pricing in Review

Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) improved overall in December. Prices rose for all street categories other than sport bikes over the prior 3-month average.

V-Twin Motorcycle Engine

The V-Twin market is clearly one of the largest, most influential segments in the entire powersports industry – unit sales represent more than half of the entire motorcycle market. While it is well documented that the number sold in the past few years isn’t what it used to be pre-recession days, there’s still a lot at stake for the aftermarket as well as the OEMs.

Dealers Report ‘Sluggish’ Growth in November

According to our survey of powersports dealers, November was a month of relatively sluggish demand trends across North America. Specifically, the strong sales trends that dealers experienced during the spring and summer months of 2015 was a thing of the past.

Tramontin Harley-Davidson, Hope, NJ

It’s so refreshing to find a place like Tramontin Harley-Davidson/Honda in Hope, N.J. No, it’s not housed in a historical building or part of an urban renewal project; this dealership’s history reaches back to the bright, early days of American motorcycling, touting a family connection to Ernest “Red” Tramontin’s first motorcycle shop in Clifton, N.J., established in 1915.

V-Twin Expo – A Success Story 16 Years In The Making

For nearly two decades, the V-Twin Expo has brought together business-minded industry professionals each February to network, collaborate and exhibit the latest products for the V-Twin market.

Don’t Underestimate This Part of the Sales Process

Our biggest fear as retailers in the beginning of the new year isn’t a so-so economy. It isn’t declining interest in what we sell. It’s the other “guy” in the room. The e-guy. The competitor that lurks in the Wi-Fi.

Victory Lets the Sparks Fly

The two new concepts from Victory include the “Ignition,” which was unveiled at EICMA in November, and the “Combustion,” which was recently unveiled in New York. The two bikes offer a whole new take on a what a modern muscle bike could be.

Think Locally, Act Globally

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]hoppers are changing their habits faster than Lady Gaga changes her look. Are you keeping up with what the customer wants – or are you still in denial that the times have changed? Technology may be accelerating change, but in my opinion the Internet only makes it easier to buy more of the wrong stuff.

Helmet Head

Recently, a friend of mine was hit by a car, flew 25 or 30 feet, and landed on his face. He ended up with a severe concussion, and a messed up face. He was wearing what I would call a “Beany.” No, it wasn’t his fault. He used to wear a full-coverage helmet, but decided

Triumph Bonneville Reborn Tour

New Models Hope to Revive the Triumph Brand [dropcap]S[/dropcap]hortly after we received the press release announcing that Triumph was going to be touring the country with two semis full of the new Bonnevilles, we got a phone call from the local Triumph dealer (Okay, it was a robo call, but it was still better than

Custom Built Bikes, Writing & Words That Ain’t Really Words!

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ey ya’ll, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rick Fairless, I am born and raised in Dallas and I am very proud to be a new columnist for MPN. I have been a reading MPN for many years and I have always enjoyed the magazine. I have been riding motorcycles for more