November 2012 Sales Department Performance

In this article, we’ll review November 2012 year-to-date total store and sales department numbers. Since December’s year-end data is not yet available, this will provide a snapshot of how 2012 is turning out as compared with last year. We’ll compare a good-performing metric 20-group with the National Norm (NN) numbers and the averages for the

Strength in Four-Wheel Sector

In the powersports market this month, the ATV and utility vehicle segments have finally shown the pricing strength we expect for this time of year. This is in marked contrast to last month, where these segments saw only minimal increases in value, which is highly unusual for the time of year. ATVs are up by

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

A funny thing happened at the bike shop one day. We were all hanging out in the back, telling lies like a bunch of dirt bikers do, when a guy came up to the back door pushing his bike. He had a tire over one arm while he pushed his XS650 Yamaha into the shop.

Service Department Review: Set Up 2013 for Success

Depending on your location in the U.S. and the makeup of your business, January can be a very slow month in the service department. However, having a slow month or two can be very helpful. It is a great time to review the last year and make any necessary adjustments. Adjustments might be the number

The Future of Digital Media

Here comes some digital media fun facts — I am going to fire them at you fast and furious in an effort to allow you walk away from this article a bit smarter, wiser and more focused on the digital space for 2013. If I had compiled this data myself, I would have the distinct

Building Resilience: Bounce Back from Inevitable Rejection- Part 1

The greatest salespeople aren’t great because of their ability to handle when customers say “yes.” They are great because of their ability to handle what happens when they hear the word “no.” The difference is that successful salespeople either consciously or subconsciously have methods for bouncing back.

FlyBoard Looks To Sign Up North American Dealers

Water-jet-propelled human flight is a hot topic in recent years, but FlyBoard aims to be different by keeping the price dramatically lower than its competitors. One way in which that is possible is that FlyBoard uses a customer’s existing PWC.

Cycle Barn Smokey Point

Few people imagine that a profitable business is waiting for them under the hayloft of an old barn, but that’s where Cycle Barn’s owner, Jim Boltz, found his calling.

US Highland: Back On Track

New investors and management set to introduce new motor and bike in Q1 2013.

On The Road Again

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity it has given me to travel the world meeting with dealers and manufacturers and attending the events that help shape our industry. In November, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the EICMA Show in Milan, Italy, as a guest of the Italian Trade Commission.

Best of the Web- Top 25 Products of 2012

Each week, we present our readers with the best new products on the market. While all the gadgets, apparel and tools we share are valued by dealers, some simply stand above the rest. We’ve rounded up the most clicked items on our website, presenting you with the top 25 items of 2012.