Industry Profile

How does your dealership stack up to this sampling of dealers from across the country?

Psychedelic Daddy

Rick Fairless and His Kandy-Colored Tangerine Dream

Branchville Motors Fills Northeast Euro Niche

For the past 13 years, Branchville Motors has been riding the road less traveled and has done well by doing so.

On-The-Engine Valve Spring Compressor

In this month’s installment of tech tips, we’ll take a look at the proper use of Goodson’s CF-HDIF On-The-engine Valve Spring Compressor, which is designed to be used on Harley-Davidson Sportster EVO-2008, Evolution and Twin Cam engines.

Recognizing Excellence

Announcing the 2011 Dealership Superstar Competition

YTD October 2010 Data

At GSA we track current industry benchmark data through our real-time dealer 20-group data reporting analysis and comparison system. This month, we are going to look at actual October data compiled from one of our groups. The total store stats shown in Chart 1 show that gross profit for this group is hovering close to

Finance and Infomercials?

The Art of the Convincing Sales Pitch

Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins

Shunning Negative Sales Practices

The Need for Speed

And Other Well-Worn Cliches

Understanding Online Media

Know Your Stuff

New Year, New Rules of Marketing

Good news. Although there’s not much evidence in our economic landscape that suggests 2011 will be a year of smooth sailing, if you’re a dealer, you do have more opportunity before you now than in recent years.  I know, it’s January, it’s cold, floor traffic is down and cash flow is tighter than Dick’s hatband,