Baxter Cycle

Baxter Cycle is unique. Most motorcycle-oriented businesses either concentrate on new parts and sales or vintage parts and service. Baxter does both.

Auctions, Yup!

While dealers can choose which auction works best for their situation and location, some attend multiple live auctions during the year to keep up with demands for pre-owned. Dealers may also attend the closest live auction but buy from several locations online.

Can Ya Dig It? Lessons Learned & Marge Simpson

In a letter to his mother, Rick Fairless, owner of Strokers Dallas, Strokers Ice House & Punch Wally Garage, as well as a few other businesses, discusses topics that are on his mind in this month’s “Can Ya Dig It” column?

Apparel Pro: Transition, Over-Glasses and Anti-fog Eyewear

Regardless of whether it is goggles, helmets or padded sunglasses, visibility is key, and any properties they have to reduce eye strain or low-visibility conditions is a boon.

Tech Tips: Starter System Troubleshooting

Electric starting systems are now found on almost all powersports vehicles. All electric starting systems have two separate circuits: one for low current, and one for high current. Both circuits are connected to the battery.

Shop Talk: Superstar?

Some of you may have a “superstar” selling for you. But, are they really? Can they perform month after month? Most importantly, a quality of world class athletes, do they make the team better by being part of it?

Tucker Show 2020

The Tucker Show, held in Fort Worth, TX, on Jan. 21-23, brought together dealers, vendors and media personnel under one roof for three days of product presentations, educational training seminars and networking.