Family Values and Hard Work Spell Success for Polaris Dealership

“Excellent employee morale leaves a good impression with customers and brings them back,” Cheyney said. “Getting repeat customers is huge.”

Shop Talk: Is Your Trainer King Kong?

If your dealership needs new sales people hired, and you bring in a training company who requires the student to pay, what can you expect for results?

Northern Exposure: The Serious Business and Fun of Snowmobiles

Business smarts dictate knowledge of the way your customers ride, and snowmobiling is like any other segment of powersports; there are recreational riders, serious riders and the down right enthusiasts.

Tech Tips: Winter Pre-Storage Service

If you’re not selling winterization packages, there’s still time.

F&I: All Customers Are Next Door to You – They Are Online

Your dealership needs a strategy that encourages F&I to collaborate with customers as they educate themselves about the vehicles they’re interested in.

Apparel Pro: Gloves

Technology has advanced ergonomics so gloves feel as comfortable as your skin, making movement as natural and as unrestricted as possible.