Celebrating Motorcycling’s Vintage Style and Heritage

Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course, the 2.4-mile road course nestled in the gently rolling hills of Lexington, Ohio, about halfway between Cleveland and Columbus, has been a traditional stop for top road racers on both two and four wheels for decades. But for the past few years, it has played the perfect host for one of the

Exhaust System Service

Exhaust systems often need to be removed for vehicle service. The components of the exhaust system may be few and simple, but installing and removing them can be frustrating. Use these tips gained from years of experience to make it easier for the technician and a better experience for the customers. 1. Be prepared for

UTV Market Still Being Driven by Innovation

In our opinion, the intensity of promotions across the UTV universe has caused the UTV/ATV price gap to narrow to never-before-seen levels, which is driving incremental cannibalization to the UTV market.

My Grandmother Said It Best

My grandmother had a phrase that she saved for describing people who believed they were above everyone else, who thought that they were better; deserving, somehow, to run their lives with different rules than the ones they expected others to follow. She referred to them as having “unmitigated gall.” This phrase popped into my head

Oh, The Places You’ll Go: ARGO Continues to ‘Go Anywhere’ by Launching an ATV lineup

“It’s the most fun you’re going to have under 25 mph,” says Brad Darling, president of ARGO, speaking about ARGO’s XTVs. The ‘Go Anywhere’ extreme terrain vehicle manufacturer was back again this year with a new ride-and-drive event at ERX Motor Park located outside Minneapolis. Following its event last year in Austin, TX, where ARGO

More Imagination, Less Drugs

Dear Ma, I hope you’re well up in Heaven, we are good here in Dallas! Things are busy and we are building several really cool bikes. Recently I was giving a tour to some people, and at the end of the tour, a lady asked me where I get my ideas from. She laughingly insinuated

Copart & NPA Join Forces

Big News, Small Headlines On June 12, 2017, the business newswires ran a small snippet on some company called “Copart” acquiring another outfit known as Cycle Express LLC. Mergers and accusations happen every day and most of the financial folks glossed over this. However, hidden behind the innocuous headline was the fact that the world’s

Riding The Action Camera Wave

The GoPro, arguably the innovator of the action camera market today, was first invented way back in 2002 by a surfer named Nick Woodman who wanted a simple, affordable camera to capture up-close action.

Apparel Pro: Touring Apparel

This spring I was lucky enough to spend over two months in both Western and Eastern Europe touring my motorcycle. Not only did I ride through very diverse seasons, spring into summer, but I also rode in very diverse geographic locations and weather conditions. Two months to myself gave me a lot of helmet time

State of Confusion? No, Time of Transition

Balancing financial stewardship with the cultural demands of an enthusiast-driven business is as big a challenge today as it was 40 years ago.

Skidmark Garage

Working With Community Shops Here you are, once again facing a common situation: a customer is in your shop, asking for a repair job. Problem is, his bike is a 1981 model. It is running but making expensive noises. What do you do? (1) Tell the customer you don’t work on anything more than 20

Getting Down To Business at AIMExpo

With the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) just around the corner – and for more than 40 percent of us, it’s literally around the corner within 500 miles or so – it is time to make a plan to do some business. If you just walk around to collect some catalogs and chit-chat with your