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Reflecting On Spring As We Shift To Summer

Spring is officially over for the wholesale powersports market. After last year’s lackluster spring and sprinkle of summer demand, spring 2014 reflected fresh optimism and better inventory management by powersports dealers. June’s results illustrate the start of the natural decline that is felt each summer as consumer behavior shifts from buying in the spring to

Selling to Women

More women than ever are learning to ride and purchasing motorcycles. We’re the fastest growing segment of the marketplace, and we’re tooling down the road in record numbers.

Coleman PowerSports

The Power of a Woman’s Touch

KYMCO Reaches Half Century Mark, Unveils 2015 Off-road Lineup

A few years ago KYMCO USA’s Director of Marketing Rick Pawelka said that one of the biggest differences between KYMCO and other OEMs of its size was its history. And as the company celebrates its 50th anniversary the statement seems somewhat apropos. With humble beginnings, KYMCO has come a long way in the last half

June Year-Over-Year Comparison

In our June year-over-year (YOY) comparison total store sales (Chart 1) were up around 10 percent for both the group and National Norm (NN) dealers. This is a very good sign. Total store gross margins declined slightly, indicating dealers were probably discounting product since expenses were not showing significant increases. Net Operating Profit was fairly

Becoming a Problem Solver

Becoming a Problem Solver What kind of reputation is your business establishing?

Online Reputation Jumpstart Guide

Three Easy Steps to Safeguard Your Online Reputation

CV Axle Boot Repair

The CV axle boot is a weak link in the final drive systems of four wheel drive ATVs and Side-by-Side vehicles. If the boot is damaged the joint can lose its lubricating grease and pick up debris to contaminate the joint. If the boot damage or deterioration is not addressed it will lead to a

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

Staying on top of legal requirements is an almost impossible task.

Motorcycle Tour of Israel

  If you’ve ever wanted to take a motorcycle tour in a land with a mild climate, fabulous roads, great infrastructure and countless layers of world history, Israel is the place you want to explore.  Tamar Mediterranean Mototours recently completed its first motorcycle tour in conjunction with Edelweiss Bike Travel. It was the first-ever guided