Get Out The Vote: The 2012 Dealership Superstar Finalists

Voting for the ultimate Dealership Superstar has opened. Read the Superstar finalist profiles today and cast your vote!

June 2012 Sales Department Performance

In this article, we’re going to look at June 2012 performance data from the sales departments of our 20-group members. We’ll compare one of our metric 20-groups against the National Norm numbers (overall averages for all our metric 20-groups) and the average of the Top 5 performing dealers in each category. I always like to

Values See Seasonal Mid-Summer Dip

As we headed into July auctions, every segment went down versus June. This is normal for the time of year as the riding season is in full swing. Dealers are past the prime retail selling season and are beginning to let inventory levels drop. The average decline among the late model street bikes, dirt bikes,

Exhaust System Installation

Exhaust systems often need to be removed for vehicle service. The components of the exhaust system may be few and simple, but installing and removing them can be frustrating. Be prepared for the removal and installation of the exhaust system. Allow the components plenty of time to cool before touching them. Make sure to have

Clean Up Service Profits

Two Tricks To Increase Service Department Profitability

Get Tuned Into Google

Powersports dealers on average see 75 to 80 percent of their total Web traffic driven by Google. Think about that for a minute — more than three quarters of the people that find you on the Web get there through the use of Google search. Is this enough to make you focus the majority of your efforts on Google?

The ART of Rebutting Objections

It’s as enjoyable as hitting your finger with a hammer. Your heart races faster than the paparazzi’s camera flashes at a Lindsey Lohan court appearance. The red in your face exposes your discomfort. Your mouth feels as dry as the Mojave. This is it the sum of your fears. You’ve just been hit with an

The Masters, Birdies and F&I

As I write this article, I’m participating in what most golfers would consider the opportunity of a lifetime. I am playing in The Masters. It was a beautiful, sunny day today. The wind was light, and I was decked out in the latest golf fashions with Ping as my sponsor. I had the best gear

High-Profile Accidents Seen As Call For Renewed Focus On Safety

Several recent high-profile media reports are serving as a reminder that PWC dealers need to be increasingly proactive when it comes to stressing rider safety. Following years of negative publicity surrounding issues such as the loss of steering control without thrust or manufacturer’s escalating horsepower wars, recent times have seen a more positive flow of

Black Hawk Customs

Where diversification is commonplace, rare is the small business owner focused on any single portion of the market, let alone a fraction of a small segment. On the other hand, there are opportunities for the few who understand a particular subsection of a market, especially when there is little or no competition. Such was the

Replica Motorcycles: The New Vintage

In the last few years, it has become possible to not only display classic bikes, but to sell new bikes with that classic appeal. Customers who prefer old-school styling and simple, comprehensible mechanics now have several alternatives to buying an old bike with an uncertain history.

Not Lost in Translation:

Products with the “Made in Taiwan” label have not always enjoyed the best reputation in America, but Kymco seems to be proving the skeptics wrong with how they have performed in the U.S. market.