Daytona Bike Week & the Michelin Commander III

While I’d love to stay and gaze at the eye candy rolling down the street, my mission at Daytona Bike Week is different; I’m here for the tires.

Shop Talk: Virus Lessons

Success is like a virus in that it can be very contagious. The difference is whether you make the decision to spread the “germ.”

SxS Market Update in the COVID-19 Crisis

The side-by-side market was on an upward trajectory until March, when the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the powersports industry, and country, shut down or reduced staff and limited retail operations.

Apparel Pro: Smart Helmets & Communication Systems

First there were smartphones. Then came smartwatches, smart TVs, smart refrigerators and the list has only continued to grow. In this day and age, it seems almost any device has the opportunity to become smart — including motorcycle helmets.

Diagnostic Procedures for Harley-Davidson Brake Systems

The use of a diagnostic tool is fundamental for the correct bleeding of Harley-Davidson brake systems with an integrated ABS pump to ensure all air is out of the system.

Tacoma Motorsports

On a cold and wet weekend in February, in Tacoma, Washington, the roads are dry, so there are a fair number of motorcyclists out riding. Tacoma riders are a hardy bunch, willing to get out on the road on a chilly morning with overcast skies, and, since 1977, Tacoma Motorsports has been around to keep them moving.

Storage Tech Tips to Save Time, Trouble and Money

Given the economic reality we are facing, vehicles may sit on the showroom floor a bit longer than in the past. Here are some tech tips to keep your showroom inventory in working order for the foreseeable future.

Can Ya Dig It: God, The World Really Needs You to Smile Upon Us

Dear Ma, you wouldn’t believe what is happening right now in this crazy world. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. There’s this virus called COVID-19 that is sweeping the planet.