Cardo Takes Communications to the Next Level

When Cardo launched its latest creation – Dynamic Meshwork Communications (DMC) – last year, it was considered to be a game-changing technology for communication systems.

Parts Unlimited / Drag Specialties Kick Off Spring NVP In Indy

For a city full of racing fans and enthusiasts of anything on wheels, Indianapolis has not hosted a dealer-only motorcycle and powersports show in several years. But this all changed when the folks at Parts Unlimited announced late last year that it would be hosting a spring showcase at the venerable Lucas Oil Stadium, home

Shifting Gears (Apr.): Printing All The News That Fits

Dealer inquiries wanted! Powersports industry brand builder Rod Derifield is back in the saddle… literally. Most recently president of the Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG)  Off-Road Group, including DragonFire, Malcolm Smith Racing HardParts, ProTaper, QuadBoss and Renthal, Derifield launched ROR Brands in conjunction with the Laughlin River Run. “ROR Brands is founded on a passion for

Looking Back, Looking Forward & Trying Not to Cry!

Dear Ma, I hope you’re doing good up there in Heaven. We are extremely busy down here in Big D. Things are really hectic around here this time of year and I am very grateful for that!

Apparel Pro: Full-Face Helmets

Recently, I was looking at full-face helmets at a local dealership. A variety of top brands were on hand, a range of price points was represented and there was even a mirror to check how the helmet looked…

Lower Priced Units Remain Consumer Focus

Our latest survey of powersports dealers indicates that the retail sales environment remained weak in February. The general theme in the marketplace is that consumer interest was focused on lower-priced ATV units and utility products from Can-Am, Polaris and Honda. In the recreational segment, Polaris’ heavily discounted RZR 1000 models were a topic of conversation,

Senate Motorcycle Caucus Helps Us

As we were ready to go to press and I was still ruminating over what to write my column about, in comes some late breaking news that changes everything. The Senate has formed a Motorcycle Caucus! This will certainly be welcomed by the industry and receive strong support from the Motorcycle Industry Council and American

Track Days: Preaching To The Choir?

Say “track day” and visions of go-fast guys on crotch rockets wearing Rossi and Marquez replica leathers and lids probably flash from your subconscious. Ditto for the dirt dealers who envision local pros dressed like Dungey blitzing your customers through the whoops. This dynamic is shifting, however. While the typical track days continue to preach

Southwest Superbikes: Wins The Auction Game

When playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker, a player is dealt two “hole” cards face down, then there is a round of betting where you can check, bet or fold. When all the betting has finished, three shared cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table. More betting, bluffing and BS take place

Setting Up Customers’ Sport Bikes for Track Days

Sport bikes are so fast it is hard to enjoy them on the street without danger to life and license. Taking them to the race track allows the rider to enjoy the upper end of their performance envelop in a controlled environment free of slow cars, double yellow lines and speed limits.

Planned Versus Impulse Buying Behavior

As a business it is easy to benefit from impulse purchases if you are offering products for a few dollars, but how can you have those same results with products that cost $1,000 or more?

Kawasaki’s Jet Ski SX-R Lets the Good Times Float

Forty-three years ago, Kawasaki created a new phenomenon on the water with the launch of its Jet Ski watercraft. Today, Kawasaki is attempting to reawaken that sentiment as an innovator on the water with the introduction of a four-stroke stand-up PWC – the 2017 Jet Ski SX-R. Combining heritage with its race winning performance, Kawasaki