August Black Book Market Watch

Prices continued to fall throughout the month of August across most of the segments we cover in the motorcycle and powersports market. The amounts are not quite as large as last month though, due to the unusually steep declines in value we reported in July.

Economy and Seasonality Play a Role

May finds activity in the Powersports market revving up this month. Prices are up across the board, and for the first time this year, by fairly large amounts for most of the segments we cover.

Spring is Here, Finally!

There’s something about spring when it finally arrives and you live in a climate where you haven’t seen your lawn in more than three months. And it’s more than in the air for a lot of powersports dealers, too. Being more of a kinesthetic-kind-of-guy rather than a rational-numbers-guy, you can feel spring in everything from

Shifting Gears

Printing All The News That Fits

NPA Pre-Owned Monthly Recap: February Confidence

Riding Season Is Here! February’s pre-owned wholesale performance continues to affirm dealers confidence in the 2014 riding season as they stock up for spring. February brought sizable increases in the Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) over prior months across the majority of popular powersport categories. Off-road pricing has grown the most, with the ATV category up

BIG News From Triumph

Recidivism Returns

Don’t Read This!

Hope & Change Hit The Powersports Market

The Brothers Powersports, Bremerton, Washington

The Brothers are motorcycle enthusiasts who know what riders want

February 2014 F&I Department Performance

Although February does not give us much depth for the data, we still get an early peek at what the market has been doing this winter. Total store sales were up across the board and margins came up almost 2 points for this group (Chart 1). The Top Five dealers are just above that benchmark number

Expert Advice

Five Fast Ways to Boost Your Sales Expertise

Secret Shop: Do You Deliver On Your Online Promise?

Nine Dealers, Eight Quote Requests, One Week, One Clear Winner

Evidence: An Objection’s Worst Enemy

Chances are, your customers will object to some aspect of what you are selling. When you attempt to overcome your customer’s objection, as you know, you want to make sure you find the real objection before you start. After you identify this objection, you need to figure out what evidence you can use to convince