Selling to the Adventure Motorcyclist

Adventure motorcycling is a mindset; a way of approaching the world. It’s a means of expression; riders want to live out their dream adventures or maybe just look like they are. The way you approach your customer is key to success with this segment of the market.

MPN Named Official Publisher of AIMExpo Publications

I’m excited to tell you that Marketplace Events, producers of the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), has awarded MPN’s parent company, Babcox Media, a contract to publish the AIMExpo Show Daily, AIMExpo Show Directory and AIMExpo Consumer Souvenir Program. I’ll be leading the editorial team, and can’t wait to begin to pull together these exciting

February 2013 Service Department Performance

In this article, we’ll be comparing February data from a good-performing metric 20-group, the National Norm (NN) numbers and the averages for the Top 5 dealers of the group in each category. Total store sales were up slightly for the group, but dropped considerably for the Top 5 and almost 4 percent for the NN

Sales Slightly Lower, But Spring is Right Around the Corner

This month finds the powersports market cranking up for spring. Values are up for all segments except snowmobiles, but by slightly lower amounts than normally expected at this time of the year. With record snowfalls in the Northeast coming too late in the year to nudge prices upwards, this month’s negative 2.4 percent decline in

Shaft Drive Systems Maintenance for Motorcycles

Six ways to keep your shaft drive systems up to snuff.

How to Give Trade Values Without Getting Punched

“So what will you give me for my trade?” The customer eyes you up with the intensity of a Turkish carpet trader at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. You look at his gleaming 9-year-old freshly washed ride and take in the custom paint job. It truly is a piece of work. You’ve probably seen this

Social Media Management

Facebook is by far the most utilized social channel by dealers, and with good reason: it has the highest number of subscribers in every single demographic. This means you should dedicate at least 50 percent of your social media marketing time to Facebook efforts, which includes Promoted Post Advertising campaigns. Google+ and Twitter are the

The Cash Customer: Swing At the Conversion Every Time

Over the past several years, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at dealership numbers and talking to sales and finance managers about how they do what they do. I have been able to quantify and explain why particular behaviors, environments and approaches produce the best results in a finance office. In this three-part series,

Driving Your Team To Success

If you have ever watched racing on TV, you’ve probably noticed that everyone in the pit crew has a specific job during a pit stop. Think of your service department like a race team with your customer as the rider. When the customer drops off his unit, he will get it back sooner if everyone

RIVA Breaks Restrictive Hold of Stock ECUs on PWC Engines

Stock engine management systems have proved a difficult hurdle to clear for personal watercraft performance enthusiasts bent on pulling additional speed and performance from their craft. PWC aftermarket leader RIVA Racing, in conjunction with engine management hardware and software producer Athena’s GET DATA division, promises to break the restrictive hold stock ECUs have on personal

Destination Dealership: Santa Fe Harley-Davidson

This New Mexico-based dealership strives to make customers feel like family and give them a sense of belonging.

A Great Place To Race: Motorcycle Land Speed Racing

A story of how one rider became an amateur racer.