One-On-One With GSA President Gart Sutton

1. Tell us about your own history in the powersports business.   My grandfather started a Ford dealership in Los Angeles in 1921. I worked in this dealership for many years, honing my skills in sales, sales management and F&I. After I left the dealership, I was hired by Honda to design and teach the

MPN Book Review

With school back in session across the nation, it seems only fitting for MPN to roundup top titles that you and your customers should add to your reading lists. Not so much into reading? Don’t worry, we’ve got a picture book or two on the list, and we’ve already written the book report for you!

Open-Faced DOT Helmet Options

DOT is the standard for helmet sales, but swap meet booths and mail order outlets still litter the market with bargain-basement novelty lids designed for “fashion” worn by both uneducated, budget-conscious buyers as well as riders skirting their local helmet laws. Use this guide to stock up on appealing DOT-approved open-faced helmets.

Working The Windy City

Chicago Cycle Expands Haehn’s Success

Battling the Bear

The agony and ecstasy of being Harley-Davidson

Two-Wheeled Therapy

There’s a lot going on at Iron Horse Motorcycles. People are looking at bikes for sale, phones are ringing, the parts counter is busy and riders are leaving their bikes for service. It’s a pleasant, steady buzz, not a high-pressure frenzy, and while that energy vibe is partly due to southern hospitality and a location-based motorhead mentality, it also comes straight from the top.

Industry Profile: K&L Supply

Service and Safety Sell

Dream of the Mountain Man

The Design and Development of 2Moto’s RadiX.

Kart Racing Market: Not Suitable for Backyards

Can adding a kart line boost the bottom line?

True Grit

How does a guy from Jersey come to build and design a race bike in his spare time?

The Great White North

Iron Block Harley-Davidson of Adams Center, N.Y.

Scooter Chic

Vespa Soho cashes in on the two-wheel trend in NYC