Shifting Gears: Printing All The News That Fits

Catching some heat? In the wake of the recent RZR recall, Polaris Industries named Senior Engineering Director Joel Houlton VP of global safety and quality. Houlton reports to CEO/Chairman Scott Wine and Ken Pucel, EVP of operations, engineering and lean. “The safety and quality of our products must be our number-one priority as a company,”

Red Flag!

If your dealership is considering taking on a line of Chinese powersports products take care!

Should You Be Committed?

Do you perform consistently with your publicly stated beliefs and positions?

Dealers Protest Polaris Practices

Robin stumbles into the middle of something that looks like real news. This is getting interesting!

Always a Bridesmaid?

They say good news travels fast, but bad news operates at light speed . . . oops, make that warp drive.

The Myth of Motivation

Understanding why people do what they do can mean significant improvements in how you solve your dealership performance issues.

Big Boxes and Mass Merchandisers

The affects of the big box chain stores selling ATVs, minibikes and dirtbikes.

Nonnegotiable P&A Practices

The practices that are absolutely essential to the operation of a successful parts and accessories department.

Ten Nonnegotiable Service Department Practices

The practices that are absolutely essential to the operation of successful service departments.

The Consolidators

Knowing how things work is not the same as making them work.

Why Don’t They Do It?

Improve human performance and watch your dealership’s performance improve!

Consolidation, Part II

Robin responds to the residual flak from the July “Holeshot.”