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Chicken Hawk Racing Privateer Motorcycle Tire Warmers

Built in upstate New York, Chicken Hawk’s nine-warmer product line is now available in three distinct levels. Each model of the new-for-2015 Privateer trio features a back-n-forth heating element design pattern that provides even heat across the tire. The new tire warmers are available in single-temp, multi-temperature and digital models.


Chicken Hawk Racing’s, all-new, American-made Privateer line of motorcycle tire warmers is competitively priced and features technology and materials that far exceed offshore imitations.

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Now available from Parts Unlimited and Tucker Rocky dealers in single-temp, multi-temperature and digital models, they all combine high-end features with lower-than-ever prices–starting at $349–for budget-minded trackday riders and club racers.

CHR Privateer 2 Multi Temp

CHR Privateer 2 Multi Temp

“For just a few dollars more than cheap imports, you can proudly sell Chicken Hawk Racing’s Privateer line of tire warmers with the confidence of their build quality and unequaled product support,” says championship-winning racer and Chicken Hawk Racing President, David Podolsky. “I designed them for guys like me who started their racing careers with shoestring budgets and a dream. These warmers are the clear choice for wide-eyed privateers and trackday guys in the sub-$400 market”

Built in upstate New York with 23 years bike-specific expertise, proven by hundreds of race wins around the world and dozens of AMA Superbike championships, Chicken Hawk’s nine-warmer product line is now available in three distinct levels.


Completing the tire-heating process in the pits, instead of on warm-up laps, helps limit the possibility of cold-tire-induced crashes, allowing riders to confidently spend more time at full speed on the track in each practice session and charge off the starting line in every race.

Each model of the new-for-2015 Privateer trio features a back-n-forth heating element design pattern that provides even heat across the tire. Their carbonized insulation layers retain heat and further assists in evenly spreading traction-producing warmth so tires accurately attain hot pressure.

Melt-proof DuPont fiber inner liners allow the Privateers to be thinner, lighter and more durable. They are impregnated with a temperature-sensitive dye that lets users ensure the warmers were properly installed and operated efficiently before leaving the pits.

CHR Privateer 1 Digital

CHR Privateer 1 Digital

The Privateers’ internals are wrapped by tough ballistic nylon shells in a distinctive red color with CHR logos. They’re supported by neoprene sides that give additional tire and wheel insulation by blocking wind blowing across rims. To provide a smooth, snug fit, these side panels are backed by an elastic stretch material. Simple to mount and remove, once they’re rolled in place, the warmers are secured by hook-and-loop fasteners.

Powered by a 6-foot-long cord, each has a shock-resistant thermostat. The single- and multi-temp temp models are factory-set to reach 175 degrees Fahrenheit. A simple flick of a switch toggles between high and low settings on the multi-temp model. The lower position helps prolong tire life by keeping them at 135 degrees during downtime between track sessions, limiting the number of heat cycles they endure. This setting also heats rain tires and others with soft compounds more efficiently. Dual-stage operating lights–red for heating and green for ready–indicate temperature at a glance.


The upgraded digital version boasts CHR’s third-generation controller. It features a sophisticated microprocessor with a slow-warming heat-soak program that heats tires gradually in a more controlled manner.

This trick, solid-state unit is typically mounted directly to the warmer and is attached with a convenient, quick-disconnect power cord. Its LCD screen displays set point, current temperature and a run-time counter as the unit works its magic. The set point is selectable with the push of a button–from ambient to 225 degrees. Fused for safety, it draws a maximum of five amps at 120 volts.

Made to fit all popular sportbikes with 160- to 190-series rear tires, the Privateers, like all CHR warmers, come with a one-year warranty and are supported by the company’s legendary after-sale assistance and repair services.


With its new Privateer line, Chicken Hawk Racing now has a total of nine innovative, class-leading products at every technical level and price point.

The Privateer line is available from Parts Unlimited and Tucker Rocky dealers; the two higher-end lines are only available through CHR’s Race Support Dealers or directly from Chicken Hawk Racing. For more information, call 866-HOT-TIRE (866-468-8473) or

Retail Pricing: Single-Temp: $349.95; Dual-Temp: $399; Digital:$575

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