Sink or Swim? Watercraft Coverage is Here to Keep You Afloat

Personalized watercraft coverage can keep your clients afloat if they find themselves in a sink-or-swim situation.

Gain the Loyalty of Current Customers to Increase Repeat Sales

Here are a few ways to gain current customer loyalty and increase repeat sales. 

Electric Vehicles Make Surge in Powersports Market

As the movement towards going green continues to pick up speed, so do the vehicles you see on the road.

CST Tires: Sponsored Riders Influence Tire Market

From initial design stages, it takes approximately one year for a tire to be ready to hit the dealership. Within that process, tire companies keep a strong relationship with their sponsored racers to build the best tires for the brand. Many people would assume that racers are a marketing campaign for a brand, but at

McGraw Powersports Announces Addition of Electric Vehicle Service Contract

The EV ESC brings a new level of protection to the electric vehicle industry, which is becoming exponentially more prevalent in the powersports market.

Maxxis Rampage Tire Engineered For Versatility on All-Terrains

Maxxis’ Rampage is an 8-ply-rated, high performance, light truck-inspired tire that has been engineered for performance on all-terrains, including desert, hard pack, intermediate and soft. The tire is perfect for hunting, farming and utility purposes for side-by-sides that need a versatile tire for multiple terrains. The tire is designed with a specialized rubber compound that

Tread Check: How Terrain Influences Tire Sales

Determining the best tire for a customer ultimately comes down to knowing what application they choose to ride on; whether it be mud, sand, dirt or a combination. Knowing that tire tread is the factor between a rider sinking into a sand dune or accelerating out of a muddy trail can be the key to finalizing a tire sale.

From Rubber to Road: Understanding Tire Composition

The tire is an essential part of a vehicle that makes movement possible. Of course, it is easy to identify a tire and a tread pattern that works best for their vehicle, but when it comes to knowing how the tire was made, many dealers shake their heads.

SxS/UTV Market Poised for Growth

While predictions for the forthcoming riding season are not as upbeat for motorcycle dealers as many were hoping at this point in the year, there is one positive segment, however, and that has been SxS/UTVs.