Off-Road Profitability: Selling the Right Vehicles Leads to High Margins

There are several factors to consider before adding an OEM to your dealership. Will the company have inventory, with a model mix that’s in demand? Are the vehicles competitively priced?

Adapting to the Unknown Builds OEM Success

More people than ever before are flocking to HISUN dealers throughout the country and they certainly like what they see.

Pandemic Propels OEM Growth

HISUN had its foot on the gas, prepared to take on the challenges that this year created, ultimately moving the company further into their growth strategy at an accelerated rate.

Taiwan Excellence Scooter Industry Showcase

Mr. Wang introduced four companies presenting in the live stream, all of whom are recipients of the Taiwan Excellence Awards.

Picture Perfect: Driving Leads with High-Quality Content

Statistically, powersports buyers spend hours researching a vehicle online before they ever step foot into a dealership. According to a study performed by Cox Automotive, 90% of individuals surveyed considered photos to be extremely important in the decision-making process of purchasing a vehicle. Expectations are high among online shoppers, with a desire to see much

Keeping Your Digital Dealership Open

In some states, dealerships are closed because they are “non-essential” businesses. So, it only makes sense that you look to change how you currently do business and focus more on your digital storefront.

It’s Hard to Dig the Well When You Are Already Thirsty

While I believe this economic downturn will not be as severe as 2008 for a lot of reasons and, even though it will be a much shorter recovery, we will have a downturn none the less.

Digital Marketing Programs Connect Dealers to Customers

According to Facebook, there are over 2.37 billion monthly active users on their social media platform alone. With the touch of a button, you have the ability to reach your customers and gain new ones. Statistics show that your dealership might already have an active social media page, but are you using social media to

Communicate What Your Guests Want

Making sales come a little easier in a perceived commodity-based industry can be a struggle. Yet, I am a firm believer that anyone can be sold on any given day with the right person delivering the right message.

Wheel & Deal

When it comes to purchasing a powersports vehicle, protection is the most valuable asset in order to keep your client’s new addition in its original condition. As a dealer, we know you want to make sure your customers are equipped with the latest and greatest in terms of maintenance packages and service contracts.

Kicking the Tires: Why Improved Customer Data Management Can’t Wait

Let’s discuss some resultant costs of putting off customer data management improvements, including longer setup times, missed opportunistic sales and being less equipped to develop sales and marketing strategies down the road.

Winter is Coming

McGraw Powersports’ ESC for snowmobiles provides coverage for major features of the sled, including the engine, transmission, primary drive system, electrical and cooling components, brakes, seals and gaskets, steering, and fuel and oil systems.