Kal-gard’s Pro Comp 4 Premium Oils

For 2009, Kal-Gard introduces Pro Comp 4 Premium four stroke oils. This new line has been tested in the laboratory of parent aerospace company Incotec, as well surviving many months of grueling on-track testing by some of the best racers in the business. The result is a product line that Kal-Gard calls second to none

Maxima’s Clean-Up and SC1

The dynamic duo of Maxima’s Clean-Up and SC1 will bring bike sand equipment back to life. With more and more people holding off on purchasing a new unit, this powerful package will help to reinvigorate older models. Clean-Up’s powerful emulsion will help lift troubling grease, dirt and grime — simply spray on, let stand and

Motorex Protex Spray

Designed for textile and leather waterproofing, Protex Spray is claimed to be a highly effective and long-lasting protection against moisture and oil. Suitable for leather, textiles and microfibers, it allows the fabric to breath and ideal for shoes and protective gear. Visit www.motorexusa.com for more information or call (763) 417-1377.

Pc Racing Plastic Renew

Plastic Renew can make scratched and faded plastic look and feel new again. The plastic is first wet-sanded smoothed, then Plastic Renew is applied with a paper towel. The simple process can restore old and severely scratched plastic or just maintain that showroom shine. Plastic Renew comes in a complete kit that includes an 8-ounce

Saddlemen Seat and Bag Cleaners

Saddlemen supports its line of seats and bags with this trio of cleaners. Safe on all Saddlemen products, the Seat and Saddlebag wash combats grease, oil, dirt and stains, and leaves no film or residue. The Seat and Saddlebag Conditioner guards against weather deterioration, drying out and cracking. Call on Saddlemen at (310) 638-1222 or

Silkolenew Pro 4 Engine Oil

Silkolene Pro 4 is an ester-based full synthetic engine oil produced using Electrosyntec Oil Technology that Silkolene says releases the hidden power inside the engine — giving riders extra power, long-term performance and improved protection against engine wear. Electrosyntec technology extends the boundaries to provide the next generation of oil for the latest generation of

Ultima Synthetic and Premium Straight Weight Oils

t Engine Oils, 50W, 60W and 70W. Plus, it offers a Premium 80W-90 gear oil. The full line of oils is designed for a wide variety of uses and riding styles — from oils especially suited for break-in procedure and shorter-term use, to oils seeing extreme use, racing applications and extended use. Call Midwest Motorcycle

Valco Cincinatti’s GelLube

Engine assembly is made easier, quicker, and cleaner with Valco’s GelLube. The product starts life as a gelled high-performance cam lube broken with a fast evaporating solvent. GelLube sprays on thin and penetrates quickly — transforming into a heavy-duty, load-bearing, protective gel. GelLube does not drip, melt or shift when applied. GelLube bonds to metal

Vee Rubber Motocross and EnduroTubes

Get ready to lay it on thick with these ultra-heavy-duty motocross and enduro tubes from Vee Rubber.

Honda 700XX Wheels & Kits for ITP Tires

Feeding your customer’s need for hopped up rims, ITP tires has unleashed two aluminum wheel options as well as a selection of tire/wheel kits.

Vance & Hines XCR Exhaust

Vance & Hines rolls into the off-road market with the XCR’s unconventional muffler design. The company says its squared-ellipse design stands equally for distinction in style as well as performance, breathing power gains from the low to mid range over the factory exhaust.

K&N Engineering’s ZX10R Ninja High Flow Replacement Filter

This new OE replacement, high-flow filter for the 2008 Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja is performance designed to provide increased airflow, results in increases in horsepower and torque.