Desert Dawgs

Don’t let crap weather give your customers cold feet. Hook ’em up with Desert Dawgs, which are said to easily install in two minutes flat and are available for a full range of H-Ds, metrics and Victory models. Sure Sellers: • Repel road spray from front wheel and flared front fender • Minimize cold updrafts

S&S Cycle Air Cleaner

S&S Cycle’s new air cleaner allows owners of 2008 Harley-Davidson touring models to enjoy the added performance and good looks of the company’s trademarked teardrop air cleaner. vSure Sellers: • S&S teardrop air cleaner for 2008 baggers bolts directly to the stock EFI throttle body and provides increased air flow for more power • The

Trask Performance Extended FL Bags

The bagger trend is still smokin’, and Trask performance is ready to soup up your favorite customer’s FL with these seriously sick extended FL bags. Sure Sellers: • Fabricated of rough and rugged, high-quality fiberglass • Full-depth significantly bumps up the storage capacity • Easily installed utilizing stock lids, latches and lid mounting hardware •