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PODCAST: HJC German Grand Prix

HJC Europe, based in Strasbourg, sits on the border of France and Germany, so it was only natural that a German GP was in the future for the self-proclaimed “No. 1 Helmet Company in the World.”

PODCAST: Racing Suits

The investment into technology to improve protective gear is advancing as fast as computers and cell phones and is a vital aspect of any racer’s preparation.

PODCAST: Social Media Marketing

MPN speaks with industry experts about how social media marketing can improve sales for dealerships.

Podcast: ADV Tech Tips

MPN and Cyclepedia explore ways that dealerships can help keep adventure riders on the road with helpful tech tips.


Learn more about how an Indiana dealership is capturing the top podium spot with their dynamic sales strategy.

PODCAST: Leather Jackets

MPN discusses the benefits and features of leather motorcycle jackets and give insights to help dealers sell these products.

PODCAST: Desking a Deal

There are three parties to a financing deal — dealership, customer and the bank. Understanding what matters for all three parties is essential to close more deals and that’s what I call “smart desking.”

PODCAST: Tapping into the Adventure Segment

Of the nearly 30 million people who rode a motorcycle last year, 9.9 million of them ride both on-road and off-road, so there’s plenty of potential sales to the adventure rider population if you choose to tap into it.

PODCAST: Fay Myers Motorcycle World

From a devastating fire to a tragic snow storm, Fay Myers Motorcycle World survived its share of challenges by adapting to change and embracing new technology with PSXDigital’s A.I.-powered customer experience management platform.

PODCAST: Helping the Online Customer

F&I expert Emre Ucer explains how dealers can optimize their websites to help facilitate the F&I process for customers.

PODCAST: Destination Dealership – Cycle City Inc.

After 50 years, Cycle City Inc. is in its third generation of owners. Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the dealership’s story began with an ice cream stand in Escanaba, MI.

PODCAST: Vehicle Leasing Made Easy

Emre Ucer, managing partner at MotoLease gives helpful tips on how dealers can attract more customers by offering vehicle leasing.