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PODCAST: Winter Service & Storage

For many dealers in the snow belt, offering a winter storage program can be an excellent way to keep a customer engaged and maybe add some service work during the off-season. We found that storage programs vary from dealer-to-dealer, but many are offering packages tied to service.

PODCAST: Knee Braces

Today, like helmets, knee braces are an essential part of motorsports. With the rough terrain and high-impacts powersports enthusiasts encounter, knees need to be protected, especially since knee damage will assuredly keep you from riding for an extended period of time.

PODCAST: Identifying the 1st Time Rider

Younger riders just aren’t getting involved the same way their parents did, so it has left our industry, as a whole, to reevaluate how we can more effectively attract, engage and influence the new riders that are entering the market.

PODCAST: Balaclavas

Today’s balaclavas aim to do more than just keep riders’ heads and faces warm. Depending on the type of balaclava, anything from breathability to moisture wicking to wind resistance is key.

PODCAST: Online Auctions

Online auctions have been gaining in popularity for dealers ever since they were rolled out several years ago. Part of the reasoning is because dealers are busier than ever.

PODCAST: Snow Season Forecast

According to reports from the International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association, the long-lasting cold and snowy weather of the 2019 season helped boost enthusiasm and interest in snowmobiling.

PODCAST: Technology Challenges Lead to Changes

From his first-hand experience as an automotive and powersports dealer, Ryan Gentry, president at Edge Performance Sports and co-founder of PSXDigital, walks listeners through the challenges that drove his dealership to take the leap into new technology.

PODCAST: 2019 Summer Market Report

This summer, market predictions for the season were accurate, identifying that off-road vehicle sales and demand would continue to increase.

PODCAST: Fork Service

Replacing fork seals is a common job that has been with us for as many decades. All damping rod forks are essentially serviced the same way.

PODCAST: Versatile Tires

Like the recipe for Coca Cola, designing the correct compound for a versatile tire can be a challenging process, but it comes with a high reward.

PODCAST: Motorcycle Armor

Armor is effective, and you need to let your customers know it. Put it to them this way. A medieval knight would not have dared to walk out onto the battlefield without donning a suit of armor.

PODCAST: FLY Racing Summer Camp 2019

MPN attended FLY Racing Summer Camp to test out their new 2020 motocross apparel line alongside riders Weston Peick and Damon Bradshaw.