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PODCAST: Dealership Do Overs

As dealers, this is your chance to call for a do over. Many of you have been without a sales staff for a month or more. Time allows for new ideas and I hope you have some.

PODCAST: Virus Lessons

Success is like a virus in that it can be very contagious. The difference is whether you make the decision to spread the “germ.”

PODCAST: SxS Market Update During COVID-19

The side-by-side market was on an upward trajectory until March, when the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the powersports industry, and country, shut down or reduced staff and limited retail operations.

PODCAST: The Importance of Practice

Every single day, dealers, managers and even salespeople use an excuse to avoid proper training. Except for one very exclusive group: top performers.

PODCAST: Staying Positive During COVID-19

One thing that is true in the powersports industry is that riding brings happiness and positivity. During a time of social distancing, industry expert Craig Johnson of Wild Ass Seats discusses how riders and dealers can enjoy this time by doing what we enjoy: riding!

PODCAST: Online Courses for Dealers Available During COVID-19

“While dealerships are closed, there should be some things that we could do to help them get better for when things do come back, because they’re going to come back.”

PODCAST: Superstar Employees

Some of you may have a “superstar” selling for you. But, are they really? Can they perform month after month? Most importantly, a quality of world class athletes, do they make the team better by being part of it?

PODCAST: Dealership Reviews & Texting

Curious to learn more about improving reviews at your dealership? Are you looking for new ways to reach your customers without getting lost in a game of phone tag? Industry expert Graham Anderson of Kenect explains the importance of reviews and discusses how texting can benefit your dealership.

PODCAST: Dealership Resolutions

How do you keep your dealership on track for the year you want to have, even though none of us can really predict what kind of year is ahead?

PODCAST: Improving the Customer Experience & Follow-Up

In order to improve their customer outreach, Harley-Davidson of Glendale took steps to improve their customer service, starting behind the scenes with their management and sales team by adding new technology, specifically PSXDigital’s AI-powered customer experience management platform.

PODCAST: Textile Jackets & Zippers

Today, we take zippers for granted, but the zipper was actually critical in the invention of the motorcycle jacket. Leather jackets have changed very little over time, but other textile jackets have come onto the market and evolved for all types of riders.

PODCAST: Outside Experts

John Furhman, senior trainer for Performance Road Agency, discusses how dealers can maximize their investment by bringing in an outside trainer into their dealership.