Oversupply of ATVs Causes Unusual Drop, Other Segments Up

Prices continue to inch upwards again this month. The surprising part is that the increases are by much smaller amounts than we have historically seen for this time of year. All of the bike segments are up by less than 1 percent. Cruisers and off-road bikes are up by .9 percent, on/off-road bikes are up

RIVA Breaks Restrictive Hold of Stock ECUs on PWC Engines

Stock engine management systems have proved a difficult hurdle to clear for personal watercraft performance enthusiasts bent on pulling additional speed and performance from their craft. PWC aftermarket leader RIVA Racing, in conjunction with engine management hardware and software producer Athena’s GET DATA division, promises to break the restrictive hold stock ECUs have on personal

Sea-Doo Offers Incentive To Racers

The 2013 X-TEAM “Big Bucks” Bounty program pays racers cash bonuses for a top placing in all IJSBA-sanctioned closed-course races in the United States and Canada, as well as the IJSBA National Tour and IJSBA World Championship. Bounty awards are also available for select offshore/endurance-style events, including the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 and Long Beach 2 Catalina races.

FlyBoard Looks To Sign Up North American Dealers

Water-jet-propelled human flight is a hot topic in recent years, but FlyBoard aims to be different by keeping the price dramatically lower than its competitors. One way in which that is possible is that FlyBoard uses a customer’s existing PWC.

Strength in Four-Wheel Sector

In the powersports market this month, the ATV and utility vehicle segments have finally shown the pricing strength we expect for this time of year. This is in marked contrast to last month, where these segments saw only minimal increases in value, which is highly unusual for the time of year. ATVs are up by

ATVs, Utility Vehicles Show Pricing Strength

This increase is in marked contrast to last month, where these segments saw only minimal rise in value, which is highly unusual for the time of year. Snowmobiles continue to inch upwards as winter approaches, while values for various bikes begin to decline.

Kawasaki Unveils 2013 Jet Ski Models

The company has chosen to stick to its tried and true models for the upcoming year.

High-Profile Accidents Seen As Call For Renewed Focus On Safety

Several recent high-profile media reports are serving as a reminder that PWC dealers need to be increasingly proactive when it comes to stressing rider safety. Following years of negative publicity surrounding issues such as the loss of steering control without thrust or manufacturer’s escalating horsepower wars, recent times have seen a more positive flow of

Sea-Doo, Yamaha Increase Racing Profile

With the recent high-profile signings of legendary racers Chris MacClugage and Dustin Farthing, Sea-Doo and Yamaha appear to be taking a greater interest in personal watercraft racing as, once again, a means to move product. But are the moves indicative of an increased presence on the racing front, or just business as usual? And either

2012’s Newest Off-Road Tires — 10 Tread Trends

524 and 525 Series Shinko Shinko Tire’s 524 Series front and 525 Series rear off-road tires feature a wide self-cleaning tread pattern that is ideal for soft to intermediate terrain off-road and MX riding. Reinforced knobs resist tearing and chunking in extreme riding conditions. The 524 front and 525 rear are available in a variety

Yamaha Unveils Nationwide Dealer-Based Demo Program

Like Sea-Doo, this summer Yamaha will be offering consumers nationwide the opportunity to demo the brand’s products. But unlike Sea-Doo’s manufacturer-funded, traveling road-show approach, Yamaha has turned directly to their dealers to facilitate the brand’s upcoming “Yamaha On The Water Demo Days.” Yamaha will provide the national marketing muscle to attract consumers, who will then be

Sea-Doo Ramping Up Expansive Nationwide Test Ride Tour

Bombardier Recreational Products is growing its traveling demo tour to a total of 28 cities for the 2012 season.