Triumphant Return

The Thunderbird Lands Late in 2009

Five Triggers For Success

Don’t leave the success or failure of your business up to oil prices, or the general state of the economy. Here are Rod’s Five Triggers for Success in 2009.

An OEM Alternative

KYMCO USA Strengthens Its Bond With The U.S. Market

Vintage Marketing: Old Bikes Build New Business

If you ride your restored bevel drive Ducati, Panhead Harley or Black Bomber Honda on a regular basis, you are probably used to being mobbed at gas station stops and motorcycle hangouts. A nice looking vintage bike just naturally stops traffic. “I was going to a military vehicle meet,” explains Robin Markey, partner in Bob’s

P&A Numbers

Steve reviews the July P&A numbers for one of GSA’s member dealers and the related TBOC averages.

The Three M’s

Without a universal understanding of three standard sales steps by your sales team, any sales process, no matter how well designed, becomes completely useless.

Speeding Past Sixty

Racing Legend Dick Burleson Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Working Word Of Mouth

Once you realize what a word-of-mouth campaign is and how they work, you can ultimately control, to some measure, the message of the campaign.

5 Common ‘Marketing Mistakes’ Dealers Should Avoid

By avoiding these common errors and committing to a budgeted direct response marketing campaign, your dealership can and will sell more units, make more money and have more fun!

The Virtual Biker Bar: Online Networks to Build Your Brand

Taking cues from the ongoing, phenomenal success of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, motorcycle dealers are creating their own online communities, where they can glean valuable feedback from customers, promote their brand and keep an eye out for future staff amid the online message posts. “It’s a good time to become a niche

Click For Orders … Technophobe Logs In

Chad and Dean get logged into the Internet to share their views on why you need to be plugged in to the virtual world.

Sit On It

One of the measurable activity steps in the sales process is sitting on a unit, which gives the customer a sensation of ownership, greatly increasing the chance that they’ll buy today.