February in Review

Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) in February showed signs of strength with all major categories rising over the prior three month average.

Auctioning Up Opportunity

There are few things more exciting than attending a live auction, especially when you are interested in the item up for bid. The atmosphere can be contagious – one of high energy and competition.

A Fundamental Question For the Service Department

What is your effective labor rate?

NPA Pre-Owned Monthly Recap: Spring In Full Swing

With all but one powersports vehicle category on the rise in March it’s clear that spring is here, buyer confidence is up and retail customers are gearing up for the riding season. On-highway categories saw a small but noticeable increase in Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) in March as compared to the prior three months –

NPA Pre-Owned Monthly Recap: February Confidence

Riding Season Is Here! February’s pre-owned wholesale performance continues to affirm dealers confidence in the 2014 riding season as they stock up for spring. February brought sizable increases in the Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) over prior months across the majority of popular powersport categories. Off-road pricing has grown the most, with the ATV category up

Apparel University

Merchandising Success for All Markets

NPA Pre-Owned Monthly Recap: Jan. ’14 vs. Jan. ’13

First Impressions 2014 is here, and January has made a strong first impression! From San Diego to Atlanta, the wholesale pre-owned market has exceeded early year expectations. Will this trend continue or will Spring 2014 parallel 2013? The early months of 2013 were stronger than the years prior and the powersports industry seemed to be

NPA Pre-Owned Monthly Recap December in Review

With 2013 in the rearview mirror, we can see that it was a year of mild contrasts inthe pre-owned wholesale market. Almost all product categories followed a normal seasonal wholesale price curve, yet several categories exhibited lower average wholesale pricing than 2012. ATV values were fairly consistent compared to 2012, while sport bikes had a

Powersports Vehicle Starting System Troubleshooting

Electric starting systems are now found on almost all powersports vehicles. All electric starting systems have two separate circuits: one for low-current, and one for high-current. Both circuits are connected to the battery. When the starter motor is activated, it requires a large amount of current to turn the engine over. The high-current circuit carries

Revisiting The Three Cs of Service Writing

I have received some reader feedback from my recent article about the three Cs of service writing. The feedback asserted that I’d gotten the three Cs wrong. I defined the three Cs as consistency, customer service and clarity. I believe that a service writer’s job is to be focused on the No. 1 priority of taking care of the customer.

Nine Skills Imperative for Your Sales Success

Mark Rodgers has worked with literally thousands of people over the last 25 years and have developed a solid model for sales development. If you want to be successful in this or any business, you need to have exceptional product knowledge, superior language skills and process proficiency. Here are some quick questions to ask yourself and your team.

April 2012 Service Department Performance

This month, we’ll compare April 2012 service department data from one of our metric dealer 20-groups against the National Norm numbers (overall averages for all our metric 20-groups) and the average of the Top 5 performing dealers in each category.