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Voting is now open for the 2011 Dealership Superstar competition!

Cast Your Vote for the 2011 Dealership Superstar Competition
Sponsored by Lazer Star!

Voting is now open for the 2011 Dealership Superstar
competition! Read the category winner profiles below and click here to cast your vote to send the ultimate Dealership Superstar to the SEMA
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Finance & Insurance – Tracey Edwards

F & I Associate, Chaparral Motorsports
San Bernardino, California


“Tracey Edwards has worked for Chaparral Motorsports for 17
years in the finance and insurance department of our organization. She grew up
in Redding,  California and her
first bike at 8 years old was a Briggs and Stratton. She was hooked on
motorcycling and racing, but her mom had other ideas. Tracey begged for a
Suzuki RM80 motorcycle, but her mom made her become the proud owner of a Honda
SL70 instead. With that she was an official enthusiast to the sport of
motorcycling. Her interests today include wakeboarding, snowboarding,
traveling, hiking and spending time with friends and family. Tracey has always
been one of those employees who we could count on to be there when we need
her.  She offers suggestions to
make the flow of work smoother, and customers and employees enjoy working with
her.  Her first position with
Chaparral was in motorcycle sales, and she quickly decided she wanted to move
into finance and insurance where she could interact with customers in
finalizing their purchase. She has been instrumental in obtaining new lenders
for customer loans. We can always depend on her and  when asked a question she will find the answer.  We are grateful to employ her for all
these years, and she is anxious to promote the sport of motorcycling each and
every day she is here.  Someone who
greets you with a smile every day, is trustworthy and is well liked by all is a
person that every organization needs to be successful.  Tracey is that someone!” — Linda Damron 

From The Nominee

What’s special about your dealership? I love to see the look
of awe on customers faces when they walk in for the very first time. Chaparral
has a everything a rider enthusiast could want. Whether it’s the massive
motorcycle inventory or that one hard-to-find part. 

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had working at
the dealership?
Being nominated for this award! Also being a part of the
continued success of this dealership.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced working at the
When the economy shifted and business was down. I thought about
going into another line of work. I’m glad I stayed and toughed it out.

Tell us about your life outside of work. I love going to the river with family and friends. We ride
Seadoos, wakeboard, rent house boats and patio boats. During the winter months
I like to go hiking, traveling and watching college basketball. I traveled to
Knoxville Tennesse in 2009 to see my favorite team the Lady Volunteers play.

What do you ride? Seadoos.

If money were no object, what would you ride? Polaris RZR


New & Used Unit Sales – Roger Pitocco

Salesman, Chester’s Harley-Davidson
Mesa, Arizona

“I was at my desk when I received a phone call from a
customer by the name of Oz.  Oz
wanted to know if there was any way I could help him. He was a Vietnam vet with
some disabilities. He only had two fingers on his right hand which were
attached to his wrist. He had already spoke to three other dealerships in the
valley and was told they couldn’t help him. He told me they didn’t even want to
give him the time of the day. I asked him about his condition and what he would
be able to do. He stated if the clutch and brake were reversed he could
probably ride again. I went to work right away with my service manager and
service writers and techs. I also had to get the GM involved for liability
reasons. It took a combined effort of everyone involved, but we came up with
the solution. We knew we needed a clutch that would be reduced effort so we
decided on a hydraulic clutch installed on the right. We moved the brake to the
left side.  Now came problem of how
to throttle and clutch at the same time, so we decided to move the throttle to
the left also and have it so you roll forward instead of back. I would never
sell something to a client that I wasn’t sure would work for him, so I decided
to be the test pilot. It took a little time to get used to, but it worked
perfect. I called Oz and told him I was ready for him to come down. He came in
the following saturday, and I put him on it to see if he could pull the clutch
in. No problem. Being a Rider’s Edge dealership, we had the training course to
work with. Oz stalled it once or twice but he got it down pretty quick and was
riding around with the biggest grin I have ever seen on a person riding. Since then
he has logged almost 20,000 miles in a matter of a couple months. I am so glad
I got that call that day, because seeing Oz on that bike just filled my heart
with joy and reminded me why I love selling Harley-Davidsons.” — Roger Pitocco 

From the Nominee

What’s special about your dealership? I work at a dealership
where everybody works together for the benefit of the client. We will stay  late, come in early and come in on days
off to help anyone looking to get on a Harley and get in the wind. We have
events almost every week and are very active in the community and so many
charity events. One of my absolute favorite is the Torch Ride. It is the only
escorted ride in Arizona. Roads are closed and we normally get approximately
2,000 bikes. It is to benefit the Special Olympics and runs during Arizona Bike
Week and goes to West World. It raised a lot of money for such a great cause.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had working at
the dealership?
There has been a couple that stick in my mind, but to tell you
the truth every person that I get on a bike and part of the Harley family is a
rewarding moment for me. To see the smiles from ear to ear is fantastic. And to
see it still there every time they stop in the dealership is great. I had one gentleman
recently that actually showed me the goosebumps on his arms. 

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced working at the
One of the biggest challenges i have ever encountered here is the
story I submitted about Oz and trying to make a bike that he could ride without
any problems or safety issues. His physical challenge made it a very difficult
problem of getting him on a bike but we made it happen when every dealership he
called didn’t even want to talk to him about it — they just blew him off.

Tell us about your life outside of work. I am married to my
best friend and soul mate Jane. We live in a nice small home in  Phoenix with our two pugs Bella and
Maggie who make me laugh and smile everyday. Jane also rides and has a 2005
FLSNT, which whenever we get free time that’s our number one thing to do I
recently lost 80 pounds so walking is a big part of my life. I usually walk
five miles every morning and when possible Jane comes with me. We just enjoy
the simple things in life and realize how short life is. so enjoy every second
of it.

What do you ride? 2011 FLTRU

If money were no object, what would you ride? FLTRXSE 2012
in white gold pearl/ starfire black. 


Parts & Accessories Sales – Brian Welsh

Parts Manager, Valley V-Twin
Indio, California


“In a small dealership like ours, every member of the team
is a vital piece of the machine. Each one of us shines in our area – or we try
to! Brian just takes his shine to the next level. He makes sure that every
customer who walks in the door feels acknowledged, heard, and appreciated. He
knows our customers, and understands what they’re asking for, even if they
aren’t quite sure! One thing I’ve seen him do, and it is an art, is when he’s
helping someone in the showroom and another customer comes in.  Brian will greet the newcomer
immediately and make them feel like they are a long lost relative – and they
hang out waiting for him. I’ll offer to assist them, and they almost always
say, "I’ll wait for Brian"….It’s crazy! The smile that’s always on
his face, his wicked sense of humor, and his real desire to help our customers
get what they ask for is what makes him a candidate for this contest!” — Halle

From The Nominee

 What’s special about your dealership? Besides the customers
that keep us busy?  We happen to be
one of the last Independent shops in our area, were also the only shop to be a
sustaining member of the MRF. We also get Motorcycle Awareness proclamations
every year from all our surrounding cities and hold accident Bystander
Assistance training classes (one of our owners is actually an ASMI instructor).
We specialize in American V-Twins, consignment, parts, service, apparel and
gear. But what it comes down to the most is undoubtedly the people I work with,
George, Halle, Colin and Nicole, not to mention Kalele, and S.P. (shop dog
&cat). It really does feel like a family environment and that comes across
to our customers when they walk through the door.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had working at
the dealership?
That one is tough to answer. There have many rewarding
experiences while working at Valley V-Twin. There is the relationships that
have been built between myself, my co-workers, and even some of my customers
that have proven very rewarding. Seeing a bike make the transformation into
what my customer had imagined in their head and knowing I helped them find
exactly what they wanted. Having the ability to work on my bike and learn from
George, Colin and Douggy Doug. The most rewarding however is that I’m somehow
lucky enough to have a job doing something that I truly enjoy at a time when
lots of people would be excited just to get a job.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced working at the
That would probably have to be my most recent challenge. Which
involved keeping the day to day operations going while George and Halle (the
owners) were out dealing with George’s unexpected triple bypass surgery. It was
my job to keep caring customers and friends informed of George’s status, handel
shipping, relieving, sales, answering phones, scheduling, finding parts and
helping Colin in the back wherever I could. It was definitely the biggest
challenge I’ve ever faced at Valley V-Twin, and showed me how valuable it is to
have great teammates like I do. 

Tell us about your life outside of work. Life beyond the
dealership for me is about my fiance, family and friends. I do my best to be
there for anyone of them whenever I’m needed. I am a huge sports fan basketball
especially, football, MMA and boxing. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and
having a pool day with great food and drinks. Anything that involves laughing
and horseplay especially when the horseplay is around my little-big brother.
Overall I’d say that I’m a laid back individual who enjoys fun like most folks
who ride a motorcycle.

What do you ride? 2002 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883

If money were no object, what would you ride? A Spaceship
(2011 Harley Street Glide)


Apparel Sales – Brianna Rauenzahn

Sales Representative and Office Manager
The Service Pavilion
New Holland, Pennsylvania


“Brianna Rauenzahn is a Superstar because of how she impacts
riders’ lives & experiences every day.  She is one of, if not the most experienced &
knowledgeable Arai Helmets fitment and sales specialists in the world. (And she
has only been doing this for 6.5 years!) She sells more Arai helmets in one
year then most dealerships do in 10 years!  Her passion to fit, educate and sell the consumer the
correct helmet size & model is second to none.  It is like artist at work when she is working with a new
Arai customer or one that has been wearing an Arai helmet for 35+ years!  Her honesty with the consumer is
incredible.  When she knows the
answer she explains it so well. 
But when she does not know, she is up front with the consumer and will
seek out an answer.  When a rider
has a better fitting helmet they enjoy riding that much more.  At times she will educate them and many
times find out they have not been happy with a helmet they have purchased in
the past, and they did not even know it! 
With a proper size and fitment their helmets create less noise, vent
more air, but the most important part - 
safer fit.  There are not
many others out there that know how to do what she can do with an Arai
product.    With her skills in using the tools
at her disposal to customize a helmet fitment are precise.  Her questions to get feedback from a
customer when she is custom fitting them is efficient.  She does an excellent job at making the
customers feel important.  She
makes them part of the experience with the custom helmet fitments that are done
with each helmet sale.  She sells
the customer what they need, not just what we have in stock.  THAT is golden to have someone like
that in your staff that can do that.    Brianna
is such a Superstar, because of her passion to do whats is right for the
customer and/or the business.  She
will go to bat for them if she feels a manufacturer warranty should be in
effect.  But she will also tell the
customer that is was a user issue if there is evidence.  She will educate them on how to avoid
that problem again.  She seems to
always put everyone else first. 
That is such a great sign of who she is as a person.     Brianna’s Passion,
Honesty, Knowledge, Understanding, Consideration, Efficiency, Determination,
Integrity, Patience, and her Smile are all points to what make her a Dealership
Superstar!” — Robert Miller

From The Nominee

What’s special about your dealership? The Service Pavilion
is a very special dealership for a number of reasons.  First, we are a family owned and operated business that
focuses on providing very personal, very involved service and fair prices.  We pride ourselves on our honesty and
integrity.  We treat every customer
that walks through our door the same. 
Second, something that really sets our dealership apart is that we have
a very strong focus on providing our customers with properly fitted
helmets.  We focus a lot of our
business on the sales of one particular premium helmet brand that we feel
provides the best protection to our customers.  We have a lot of integrity and will not sell a helmet to a
customer unless they have been properly fitted by one of our technicians.  We do this so that the customer ends up
with a great value for their money – they will have a helmet that is
comfortable, quiet, and most importantly, safe.  A properly fitted helmet makes a world of difference and can
completely improve the customer’s entire riding experience.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had working at
the dealership?
I have had many rewarding experiences working at The Service
Pavilion.  I would say that the
experiences that have meant the most to me have been the times that I find out
that a helmet that I fitted and sold to one of our customers ended up saving
their life.  There are no words to
describe what it is like to hear that from a customer.  I always get goosebumps when I hear
this, and have even fought back tears at times.  My job is rewarding to me on a daily basis, but to know that
I played a part in saving someone’s life is absolutely indescribable.  Just a few months ago, I was thanking a
customer for his repeat business and for coming back to The Service Pavilion
for his second helmet.  After
saying that, his wife interjected, "No, thank YOU.  The previous helmet that you sold to
him is the reason he is still here. 
It saved his life."  To
see him standing there with his wife and two daughters, and to know that he was
standing there because of something that I played a part in, was simply
amazing.  To me, experiences like
that are what make all of my hard work and efforts worth it.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced working at the
I would say that my biggest challenge has been dealing with the
loss of potential customers to online retailers.  With the growth of the internet and online shopping,
combined with the state of the economy, it has become more difficult earn
customers’ business, no matter how good our service is.  Our dealership actually travels across
the U.S. to over 25 events a year in order to bring our service to the
customers.  I spend as much time as
needed with each customer, and give them my full attention.  I have already spent an hour with one
customer to make sure they received the best fitting helmet available, so that
they would get the maximum value for their dollar.  Then, right in front of me, they pulled out their cell
phone, went online, and checked what online retailers were selling the helmets
for.  It is hard to not feel
disrespected when the customer does this right in front of me, after I have
spent so much time and energy into trying to help them.  I have a lot of passion for what I do
and put my heart into it each and every day, so it can be very difficult when I
feel that my efforts go unappreciated. 
While of course some of these customers will still do business with The
Service Pavilion, there are some that will not even pay $20 more for a product
from us, regardless of how much time and effort we have put into serving
them.  So I would say that is one
of the biggest challenges that I deal with.

Tell us about your life outside of work.  In my spare time, I am currently
planning my wedding (September 21, 2011!).  I also love to spend time with family and friends, as well
as my pet bird and two kittens.  I
also enjoy reading, swimming, taking walks, as well as playing piano and
guitar.  I am a big fan of movies,
and love to get to the theater when I can.  When I can find the time, one of my biggest passions is
travel.  I have been across the
U.S. but would love to travel the world!

What do you ride? 1972 Honda CT70

If money were no object, what would you ride? Ducati


Service – David Moore

Service Advisor
Peterson’s Harley-Davidson
Miami, Florida


 “David continually goes above and beyond the call of duty.
we get a fair amount of travelers through our dealership as we are at the top
of the Florida keys. Here is a recent customer quote. ‘Diesel Dave sprung into
action with a sense of customer service that I have not seen in a long time, if
ever. First he worked with the towing company to ensure they got my bike to him
by the time the shop opened on Saturday morning. (Did I mention I broke down at
close to 4 pm on Friday afternoon.) 
At 8 am Saturday morning my cell phone rang. It was Diesel Dave calling
to tell me that he had received the bike from the towing company, and they were
starting to work on it. I was going to call and check on things, but that was
not necessary because Diesel Dave had everything under control. Again my phone
rang, this time at around 10:30 am, and this time Diesel Dave advised me my
bike was ready. A failed voltage regulator was the culprit, and he had it all
repaired and ready to roll in less time that was even imaginable. Well since I was
in Key West, and it was a 6 or 7 hour round trip in a rental car to get the
bike, Dave suggested that I stay in Key West to enjoy the time I had left there
and then pick up the bike on Sunday morning at 11 am when the shop opened. That
worked out perfect allowing me to enjoy some of my time in Key West instead of
spending all of my time on Saturday driving to Miami to pick up my bike. I
arrived at Peterson South Harley around 11:15 on Sunday morning and just as
Diesel Dave had told me, Ron in rentals was expecting me and had my bike ready
to go. We made copies of my receipts for the towing and rental car etc. and
left them on Diesel Dave’s desk as Dave had asked me to. When I got home on
Saturday June 11th, the reimbursement checks from my Extended Warranty Plan
were waiting in the mailbox for me. 
That is because Diesel Dave had sent in everything for me and handled the entire claim through the Extended
Warranty Company for me’  David is
certainly a superstar!” — Steve Otton 

From The Nominee

What’s special about your dealership? Location, location,
location! We are within one hour of South Beach and the Florida Keys. We are
the southernmost dealer on the Continental U.S., and we’re one of the first
Harley dealers in South Florida. Phil Peterson started in Key west in 1954. I
started for Drew PEterson in 1996 and have done just about every job in the
dealer. I started sweeping floors and putting away parts when I started. Moved
to service writer, then to sales for over five years. I became service manager
and settled on service consultant.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had working at
the dealership?
The people that you meet — from the different cultures and
backgrounds to the friends that I have, and the contacts I’ve made. The ones
still around to the ones that have moved or passed on. My wife reminds me from
time to time that no matter where we go from Miami to Maine, someone knows or
recognizes me.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced working at the
The biggest challenge is when I became service manager. all of us
had no clue! You see, before this Drew ran everything, from ordering bikes to
parts. I think the hardest was having to manage the same people that you were
friends with off work. You know the guys you have a beer with on Friday night.
But I found my calling in service writing. 

Tell us about your life outside of work.  I am married three years. We have two
houses that demand a lot of time, but I enjoy working with my hands, from knife
making to working with fine hardwoods for furniture. I enjoy sailing,
motorcycle riding and four-wheeling. Living on the edge of the Florida
Everglades doesn’t suck either — big sky and wild life is what calms me.

What do you ride? A 1992 FXRS Convertible with 175,000 miles
on it                       

If money were no object, what would you ride? A 1951 Vincent
Black Shadow 



Online voting is open until Sept. 10, and the winner will be announced at Lazer Star booth 37075 in SEMA’s Powersports & Utility Vehicles Section at 4 p.m. on Tuesday Nov. 1.

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