Cardo Systems Releases PACKTALK PRO

The PACKTALK PRO brings back big sound and stealth looks.

Cardo Systems unveiled a super-premium communicator, the PACKTALK PRO. The PACKTALK PRO introduces an all-new Crash Detection System, which utilizes a three-part system. The unit sensors feel what your head feels, saving valuable response time when it’s needed most. The Cardo Connect App adds phone parameters and communicates to the Cardo cloud, which in turn informs your emergency contact, creating a unique and dependable crash detection system made specifically for on-road motorcycle riders.

Cardo has gone to great lengths to ensure the system is the most robust and accurate in the business. Cardo Systems has commissioned numerous crash test trials as well as conducted extensive and ongoing field data collection from numerous riders around the world. Cardo’s Crash Detection System is based on a perpetual learning algorithm. With thousands of Cardo riders worldwide who will contribute to the continuous data analysis and constant evolution of Cardo’s Crash Detection System, the current solution’s performance is just the beginning.

Powered by premium 45-millimeter JBL speakers paired with an advanced sound processor, the PACKTALK PRO delivers arena-like audio whether listening to favorite ride-along music or talking to fellow riders. In addition, the matte black PACKTALK PRO turns itself on or off automatically. Once activated, the PACKTALK PRO will power down when standing still and power back up for the ride for maximum battery-life.

“The PACKTALK Pro is the most advanced communication device we’ve developed in our history,” said Alon Lumbroso, CEO, Cardo System. “The introduction of crash detection and emergency alerts arms riders with a heightened level of security, taking what is already the most advanced and feature-rich system on the market and elevating it to a new level.”

Lumbroso added, “For two decades, we’ve committed ourselves to enhancing the riding experience and moving the industry forward with innovations that truly matter to riders. We intend to maintain that leadership position for many years to come.”

The PACKTALK PRO carries over the features synonymous with the Cardo Systems lineup of communicators, including a IP67 waterproof rating, Bluetooth 5.2, over-the-air software updates, fast charging, USB type-C, built in FM radio, universal Bluetooth intercom and a three-year warranty.

Key features include:

  • Crash detection: Silently watching over the rider when it’s needed most
  • Auto on/off: We got it figured out, so you don’t have to.
  • Air mount: Patented magnetic mount
  • Second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC): Easy grouping, auto healing and best-sounding intercom
  • Sound by JBL audio system with 45-millimeter speakers: Big sound is back!

Having an MSRP of $459/€469, PACTALK PRO will be available from retailers as a single pack from the middle of June. Alternatively, and available now, it can be ordered directly from Cardo Systems’ website. The PACKTALK EDGE will continue to be offered alongside the PACKTALK PRO and available worldwide.

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