Cardo scala rider FREECOM Series

Cardo Systems, Inc has announced brand new products for 2017, the scala rider FREECOM 1, FREECOM 2 and FREECOM 4. These stylish new members of the well-acclaimed scala rider product line are the latest Bluetooth headset communication systems.

Cardo Systems, Inc has announced brand new products for 2017, the scala rider FREECOM 1, FREECOM 2 and FREECOM 4. These stylish new members of the well-acclaimed scala rider product line are the latest Bluetooth headset communication systems. The FREECOM 1 is designed for sole riders, while the FREECOM 2 is designed for sole riders or with passengers and FREECOM 4 is for group rides of up to four using Bluetooth communication.

With the new scala rider FREECOM units, Cardo offers a highly durable Bluetooth connection to smartphones, MP3 players and GPS systems. All three of these devices have a design that is the smallest on the market and extremely easy to operate, have a full battery charge sufficient up to 13 hours of talk time and are both waterproof and dustproof (IP67). All three units also feature a slim control panel and fit virtually all helmet types. The units feature a visually pleasing aesthetic layout that has been designed for a high level of intuitive use and comes with new 40 mm ultra-thin HD stereo speakers to provide sound that is absolutely crystal-clear.

All three communication systems offer two Bluetooth channels, and are a breeze to connect to your mobile phone, GPS device or to any music source for wireless A2DP stereo. With Cardo’s Parallel Audio Streaming ability never miss your music while you are in intercom mode, it will always play.

The systems come equipped with customizable Voice Control (VOX) for receiving or rejecting calls and the customizable AGC technology automatically self-adjusts the volume according to the riding speed and the level of background ambient noise.

Cardo’s SmartSet App is used as a full-fledged remote control for the units and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The scala rider FREECOM 2 enables intercom conferencing between rider and passenger with any of the compatible Cardo devices as well as non-Cardo devices thanks to the Cardo Gateway technology on board.

Equipped with new features that are only available in the Cardo product line, in the FM Radio Sharing mode, the rider and passenger can now share the same FM radio station. In addition, they can share streaming music supported by A2DP technology.

The scala rider FREECOM 4 provides full 4-way intercom conferencing at a range of up to 1.2 km with compatible Cardo devices as well as with non-Cardo devices, thanks to the Cardo Gateway technology that is on board. Intercom toggling between each of the four riders is included for those who want to talk one-to-one. As with the FREECOM 2, the 4 offers FM Radio Sharing mode.

For more information: www.cardosystems.com

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