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Sedona Tire & Wheel

Phone: 208-376-8400Phone: 800-999-3388 601 East Gowen Rd
Boise Idaho 83716

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Sedona Releases New Video Highlighting 3 Tires

by MPN Staff Writers - 11-13-2018

Experience the Buck Snort, Coyote and Mud Rebel RT tires from Sedona Tire & Wheel as the team goes off the grid in search of big game and good times on four wheels. To get into the rugged mountain...

Sedona Tires Deer Hoof Tread Design Leaves Tracks Down Trail

by MPN Staff Writers - 09-10-2018

Sedona’s Buck Snort Tire is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. The ultra-durable, puncture-resistant six-ply rated New-Tech carcass is made with a functional deer hoof center tread design that ...

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Shinko Tire USA

Phone: 208-376-8400Phone: 800-999-3388 601 East Gowen Rd
Boise Idaho 83716

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Shinko Tires to Sponsor Carson City Flat Track Race with $10,000 Contingency Program

by MPN Staff Writers - 07-01-2019

Shinko Tires is a sponsor of the 2019 Carson City Flat Track Race held at Fuji Park Fairgrounds on Aug. 23 and 24, in Carson City, NV. As a part of this sponsorship, Shinko Tires will be offering a $...

Shinko Tires Launches New Logo And Video

by MPN Staff Writers - 05-16-2019 After years of continuous growth and an evolved commitment to all things with two wheels, Shinko Tires announced the release of a new logo and video as part of an eff...


STI Tire & Wheel

Phone: 111-222-3333Fax: 111-222-3333 6469 Hwy. 33
Choudrant LA 92879-7127

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STI Roctane XR 35-in. Tire Meets New HD9 18-in. Wheel in Perfect Pairing

by MPN Staff Writers - 07-31-2019

STI introduced the Roctane XR with a 35-in. trail-eater tire made for 18-in. wheels. With its 9.5-in. wide sizing and new 8-ply rated carcass, the Roctane XR delivers lightweight, all-terrain per...

STI Expands HD9 4+3 Applications

by MPN Staff Writers - 07-26-2019

STI expanded its Baja-tough HD9 Beadlock wheel line with the new HD9 4+3 offset applications in the popular 4/137 bolt pattern. This ultra-tough beadlock gives even more UTV owners access to the...

STI Introduces HD A1 Beadlock Wheel

by MPN Staff Writers - 06-17-2019

STI introduced the HD A1 Beadlock, an all-new wheel that sets the stage for the future of beadlock performance. Focused on strength for today’s newer and faster UTVs, the HD A1 wheel features a...

STI's New 35-In. Chicane Tire Brings Powerful Traction

by MPN Staff Writers - 06-06-2019

The all-new 35-in. STI Chicane tire is light weight, designed for 15-in. wheels and provides UTV drivers with legendary handling performance and durability. An all-new 8-ply carcass gives outsta...

STI's R4 Tire Designed For Extreme Mud Conditions

by MPN Staff Writers - 12-13-2018

A bigger, bolder and more extreme mud tire, the all-new STI R4 is specifically designed and engineered for high performance UTV and ATV applications. The R4 features super-deep lugs angled to opti...

STI Unveils New Chicane RX UTV Tire

by MPN Staff Writers - 10-24-2018

Today’s high-end and high-performance UTVs demand larger-diameter tires, and STI answers the call with the all-new 33 x 10R-15 Chicane RX. With revised shoulder tread and a slightly narrower pro...

STI Rolls Out New HD10 Wheels

by MPN Staff Writers - 10-09-2018

The all-new STI HD10 wheels bring a fresh level of style and a higher level of size to the HD Alloy family with 20-inch applications, plus 14-inch and 12-inch sizes. These new wheels are built wit...

STI Releases New Sand UTV Tire

by MPN Staff Writers - 09-20-2018

STI Powersports delivers big sand performance for high-powered turbo UTVs with the all-new 32-inch Sand Drifter tires. In both 14-inch and 15-inch sizes, these new 32s are super lightweight and fl...

STI Comp Lock Beadlock Wheel Maintains UTV Factory Width

by MPN Staff Writers - 08-06-2018

Maintain your UTV’s factory width using the all-new STI HD9 6+1 Comp Lock beadlock wheel. In 14×7 and 15×7 sizes, these new 6+1 (50mm positive offset) fitments help vehicles maintain OEM width...

STI Tire & Wheel Releases New Roctane X2 UTV Tire

by MPN Staff Writers - 08-03-2018

Built to chew up and spit out rocks, roots and mud, the all-new STI Roctane X2 will conquer trails with long-lasting performance. The Roctane X2 uses its large footprint and multi-edge tread to de...

STI’s Tough UTV Tires Designed for Durability

by MPN Staff Writers - 05-22-2018

STI’s new X Comp ATR UTV tires feature a large footprint and multi-angle shoulder treads for improved traction at any direction angle. The advanced two-stage radial carcass provides greater unif...

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Stripper Juice

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Contact: Eric "Otis" Ward
P.O. Box 94476
Oklahoma City OK 73129

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