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Icon 1000 Varial Riding Boot

by MPN Staff Writers - 05-27-2019

The ultimate in urban sophistication, the Varial riding boot is a perfect blend of style and safety. The leather uppers are combined with an athletic footbed, which provides superb control feedba...

Icon Releases Waterproof Technical Riding Pack

by MPN Staff Writers - 06-25-2018

The Icon Dreadnaught backpack features a water-resistant roll top design with a PU-coated poly chassis. Its 20-liter capacity is sufficiently large when fully expanded, yet it can drop to a slim b...

Icon Helmet Features 9 Intake and 7 Exhaust Ports for Comfort, Safety

by MPN Staff Writers - 05-22-2018

The Icon Airframe Pro Warbird Helmet is designed for comfort and safety with a five piece modular and moisture wicking Hydradry liner in a handmade composite shell that meets DOT standards. The fo...

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