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Vanderhall Adds 33 Locations

by MPN Staff Writers - 11-24-2020

 Vanderhall Motor Works released a dealer development growth update, announcing the addition of 33 new store locations with several key international dealerships. With the additional spike of de...

Vanderhall's Off-Road EV, Navarro to Use Matrix Platform

by MPN Staff Writers - 10-20-2020

Vanderhall Motor Works released its second video for its off-road adventure vehicle, the Navarro. The video begins with a review of the process Vanderhall uses to design and manufacture its model pla...

Vanderhall Releases Off-Road Adventure Vehicle

by MPN Staff Writers - 09-14-2020

Vanderhall Motor Works released a video of its new offering: the Vanderhall Navarro. The video release first references the 200,000 square foot expansion that effectively doubles Vanderhall's existin...

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